Weathered Wood


I have a webpage discussing weathered wood.


The three boards on the left are styrene and the three on the right are wood.

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I'll echo Nate's words, well done. Might be my tired old eyes but the styrene boards look more like wood than the wood ones do. An other excellent post, thanks for sharing Harold

Cheers Willis
Those boards look great. Both the styrene and the real wood.
I've seen too much brown wood in this hobby :eek:
Most untreated wood goes from new yellow/tan directly to grey. Ties and most telegraph poles start off creosote black and progress slowly to grey. Brown ones are seen rarely.
In the near future, I'll be using grey "artist" felt-tips to color strip wood. Hopefully they'll do a good job on strip styrene too. :rolleyes:

Now for the question. How can I make the etched brass deck on an Nscale oldtime flat car look like weathered wood?