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I took sometime today to weathered two Boxcars. I’m no pro by any means, but I would like your opinion anyways. The first one sports the “dusted” look and the second the “filthy” look. I use a paintbrush and a rag.





I took the pictures outside (backyard) on my home-made “display shelf”

grande man

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I think they look darn good. Maybe you could add some ballast dust down low for effect, but then again, I'm no weathering expert either. ;)

I will add this, your modeling is some of the best I've seen. I really enjoy the pics.

L&N Castle

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MLW,you got a couple of great looking cars there. What did you use for weathering materials?, Thinned washes of paint,or pastels,or both? You did a great job.William.


MLW, I think the best compliment I can give you is they look very close to prototypes sitting on a real siding. ;) :)
Good idea with the outdoor display track.


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Nice work on both cars. They both have a distinct look about them and it's not overdone. If I may make one suggestion, and it's really a very difficult thing to do, try to keep the weathering from collecting around the ladders and grab irons.

Remember, on the prototype, grabs and ladders don't really create much of an impediment at all for the grime to wash downward. Most of the time the dirt will simply pass between the carbody and the grab iron on its way toward the ground. However, on our models, these grabs are usually depicted as "shelves" attached to the "wall" of the carbody. This causes them to inhibit the flow of your weathering medium and makes the grime collect around them. Even separately molded or applied grabs are difficult to work around, but the model should be weathered as if they aren't there. Solve that problem and the second model becomes incredibly realistic.

Keep up the good work and post some more for everyone to gawk at!


Nice work MLW. I really like the first car. I think the lettering on the second car is too vibrant for the dirt level. You may want to try using a "pen eraser" or track eraser on the lettering to dull them down before weathering.

RCH also makes a good point. While not always easy to do, getting the paint from around the grabs and ladders makes a big difference. A scrap of rag wrapped around a small screw driver can help with that.

The display shelf looks great. Very nice photos. Look forward to seeing more.


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As soon as I start weathering my rolling stock, if I can get mine to come out even half as good as yours I'll be happy...!


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See most of my weathing attempts look like they painted it with rust colored paint. But my minor rust stains on the GP7u turned out. I'll get pics some day so you can see what I mean bout yours being better


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Very nice work there, MLW! The cool thing about weathering is that you really can't overdo it. I like how your rust and grit streaks down the sides. A couple things you might want to experiment with are to try patching the reporting marks or patching a side panel during weathering, revealing a newer part of the car, just to add to the story. Also, sometimes fading the logo the color of the boxcar before adding the rust and grime helps make it look aged. Keep up the excellent work!


sheesh, I wish my 'first' attempts were half that good.
The first two pics inparticular are very very good from what i see of them.
You seem to be a natural for this. Good going :)

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