Watsonville junction

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I love that Diamond Walnuts building. Nice job!

I have no brick buildings on my layout, but yours sure is inspiring me...

Thanks for your comment.It's the first brick building on my layout and it was inspired by this structure:


It's located in Selma,CA.

Some more pics from the Diamond Walnut building...
A Rio Grande GP 35 is going to pick up the SP box car which have been loaded with fresh harvested and dried walnuts.

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I have watched all this thread with lot's of admiration !! Great details and amazing atmosphere:eek: !!! Fantastic job Franck !! I have particulary loved the weathering of the Rio Grande locomotive :). Nice détails on the buildings to !!
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O.k.,for those who can't get enough,;) a few more pics pics from the current progress of the 'Riverside'part of my layout.Sorry for the quality of the pics,but I took them with my still broken camera.I haven't bought me a new one yet,but next week I will check it out for a NEW one.

Please note that there are still a lot of bigger and smaler details I have to add,such as line poles,a second centilever crossing signal on the other side of the tracks,billboards,commercial signs,traffic signs,vans ,trucks,cars,figures, and so on...
The white building is a mexican bakery('El Pasos') I scratchbuilt it like the mission-styled 'Riverside Choppers'-structure,too(orange building, in the background).There are some roof details to add on the bakery like vents and air-condition....and you can also see a couple of black wires:They belong to the outdoor lighting lamps( SMD-LEDs) and must be wired yet. After this work I'll be able to move the bakery on it's final place(just a few milimeters...)

The SP and UP engines are soon vanishing under the concrete highway bridge which is covering up the hole in the backdrop.

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Wow, that is a very nice layout! I'm been thinking about how to weather an Athearn 62' foot tank car. Now I have a good idea!

Wow, that is a very nice layout! I'm been thinking about how to weather an Athearn 62' foot tank car. Now I have a good idea!


Hi Keith,
thanks for your kindly comment....

Do you mean the tankcar at the WesternAgricultural company?Yes,I guess it's not a bad one...but I've got two more examples for you....The look of both are 'created' by myself.The decals are from Micro-Scale.I found the 'Martin'-company logo by pure change in the web,then I've printed it on clear decal paper.
Both were 'former' black Athearn models......

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As promised I bought me a new camera and I took a lot of pics for testing it .There a are many more features in it as in my old one so I think it takes a while for perfect handling.So here are the results from my first test shooting.WARNING:A lot of pics....

These are pics from the Watsonville-layout-Part.....

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Couple general thoughts...
...... There's a large Spanish-speaking population in the area, so I'd put in some Spanish signage on the buildings.

I've designed the signs at the computer,what a time wasting work:eek:...Exxept the KPSA sign was "stolen" out of the intenet:D, and the billboards are scratchbuilt.

O.k., here we go.....

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Wow fantastic work!
Gives that feeling that we've been there and seen it live...
Keep the pics coming!
Wow fantastic work!
Gives that feeling that we've been there and seen it live...
Keep the pics coming!

Thanks Rico,
Afterwards finishing this thread I'll turn on the radiator,take off my shirt,put on my sunglases and in seconds I'll feel the hot california sun........:cool:

The more often I take pics with my new camera the better I cope with it.:)
Here are some pics from Riverside:

Santa Fe GP38 #3502 and BNSF # 2195,both smoothly wheatered,are running westbound on the interchange track at Walnut junction and heading to the San Francisco South bay area.

Steve,thanks for your message;)

Yes,I agree with you.....Until now we've seen a lot of pics but no trackplan and less informations about the new Riverside layout part.

Don't worry,I'll keep it coming!!!!!:DFrank
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Riverside switching(1)....


Here it is!....

Train#702,the eastbound "Riverside local", pulled by Southern Pacific#3900 on it's way to Riverside.The SD-9 is in it's last months in service,so the condition isn't very well.But this "good old girl" is doing her work reliable!

This short local has two sections of cars, the first is a single empty boxcar for the Diamond Walnut Inc. and the second includes a empty box car ,three empty tank cars and a loaded hopper with chemicals for the Western Agricultural Co.
Watch the SP-railroaders on their job at Riverside...

After uncoupling the first section(single boxcar) from the other cars,the SD-9 is shoving the SP box car into the track in front of the brick building.The uncoupling action was done behind the backdrop,here is the fictional small Riverside yard from where the operations always starts.

The 2nd part of "Riverside switching" will coming soon.....
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Riverside switching(2)...


After setting up the SP boxcar,the crew is heading back to the (fictional)Riverside yard to do the second part of the switching job and pick up the five left over cars.

"Switching man " Ed Parker takes a more ventilated place because the california sun is burning down again at this morning.As the engine runs back to Riveside yard he's watching two guys rea beetween the 16th Street and the diamond crossings.They're on a California railfanning trip and here at Walnut junction they want to discover the last bits of long gone glory railroad days..... They're taking pictures of the left over foundation from the 15 years ago abadoned interlocking tower....

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Admirable indeed. A lot of inspiration there regardless of what locale one models. I am just starting my layout and hope I can come even close to some of the great work shown here.

Some of my favorite shots are of the Hells Angels guys, the Walnut warehouse, and the railfans at the old foundation. The weathered tank cars are amazing! I also really like your store fronts on the first page of the thread - the Hardware store and the Cafe. Are these scratchbuilt?


Fantastic layout, and I love the stories you tell with the photos. Attention to detail is out of this world. Superb work. Keep the stories and photos coming.


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Just found this [your] thread.

Simply outstanding

Excellent modelling by any standards

Thanks for sharing all this.


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