Watsonville junction

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wow.. Frank! Amazing. There are even cracks in the pavement!

My grandfather was from Dresden originally. Left right before the war.
Men at work(3)


Early in the morning at the opposite of the Braykovich apple plantation:

Bill Braykovich(blue working dress),chairman of the Pajaro Valley Fruit Growers Association and Jeff Wilson(grey business dress),manager of the Palmetto Hydro Power,have arranged a local meeting for a discussion about the current waterproblems in the Valley.They also have invited a TV team and the local press.....

Braykovich is very angry about the methods of the big land owners for handling the waterrights so he complain about the 'big ones' in L.A. ..

.......and he's suspecting Jeff Wilson that he's a stooge of them.Wilson is answering that this is a insinuation and the problems are made in Sacramento and blame it on the government in the capitol....
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LOL, you've got the political situation about water rights in California down pat. :) Nice job modeling the scene too.


This is a great layout. I am enjoying that you bring the scenes to life with a little story. Not being from California I am curious, do these narratives represent current events in Cali?

I love the detail work and the camera work.

Charles Smiley

QUOTE:"On the following pictures you can see that the dirt and ground cover looks more grey than the colors that I used."


I think if you color-correct those photos they will look closer to the dirt color you remember. The photos have too much blue. That makes them seem to be more gray I think. If you have Photoshop try adjusting the colors. Less blue and more red -- or use the auto corrector. See if that makes ithe photos look more like your nice layout.



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Fantastic Layout

All I can say is; WOW, WOW, Fantastic layout. Great scenery & beautiful details. Stories are great. That's what makes a GREAT layout. Your camera work is Great. I've been folowing the photo's & the Thread all along & never said anything, but, just had to give my compliments of your fantasic layout.;):D:)


This is a great layout. I am enjoying that you bring the scenes to life with a little story. Not being from California I am curious, do these narratives represent current events in Cali?
I love the detail work and the camera work.

Water disputes go back at least a century around here... I don't know about the specifics of the Watsonville area, but most of the state gets desert-like amounts of rainfall, so there's never enough to go around.

Couple general thoughts...
- the trees in the water dispute scene look a little lush (maybe that's where all the water went!)
- There's a large Spanish-speaking population in the area, so I'd put in some Spanish signage on the buildings.
- The sky tends to be a brighter blue.
- Strawberries are the big crop down there, last time I was there I recall seeing some roadside stands, u-pick places, and guys selling berries out of the back of trucks.

Charles Smiley

Water dispute

Well if it's contemporary times, it's because the environmental nut-cases sued to block Sacramento Delta water being pumped to "save the Delta Smelt".

It has crippled California farming to "save" a stupid, tiny fish that is cut up for fishing bait on the very same delta every day! it has wide distribution and is in no danger of extinction. So in the mean time fresh delta water is wasted as it slips out to the Pacific Ocean. Go figure. :rolleyes:
Wow, I cant believe I missed this post either. Considering its a bit old now.

Looks great. With a 2 door coupe green plymouth like that. You can bet I would be doing anything I could to get it off the tracks.

What is your technique for making great looking roads and streets?


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Awesome layout!

I grew up in San Luis Obispo and have travelled through Salinas countless times. This is great!


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Awesome Layout. You have talent for sure. I am glad to see that the Mighty SP still lives in Germany. Keep the photo coming. I need Idea's

grande man

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Wow! Your layout looks fantastic. :cool: Thanks for sharing it with us. I enjoyed the tour and look forward to seeing more.
Many thanks to
grande man
and all the others who wrote their kindly comments since my last reply!
Sorry that I did not reply to all the comments,but I was very busy in my job during the last weeks,and there is also a famliy live,work around the house and so on.....
I'm very pleased that my work is going down so well to so numerous 'real' US modelrailroaders across the 'big ocean'.The Watsonville part is finally finished in all scenery and technical details,in the mean time I'm working on the second part of my layout.
I want to show you a couple of 'snapshots' ,as appetizers,that I've made in September and October for a friend to show him the progress at that time.The current progress is much farer now,I finished most scenery details around the Western Agricultural complex(kitbashed with cardstock/Pikestuff-Parts) and the highway bridge(scratchbuilt) The Diamond walnut building is a modified Walthers Background building.The truss bridge marks the left end of the new layout part,the tracks are vanishing here behind the trees into the backdrop.The area from the highwaybridge to the truss bridge is still in progress.

I'm sorry that I'm not able to show topic and good pics but my camera has a 'pixxel problem' so that the value of the pics ins't well (pics 1-4 were taken with at that time well-working camera..)

But don' worry ,I will be back soon with a lot of news and informations such as a track plan and much better pics(hope so..)........

I want the following pics leave uncommented,enjoy it....;)

The 'RIVERSIDE' part of my layout:

Best regards from snow-covered Southern Germany,

Wow,sometimes it's a very hard work to create understandable sentences,too less practice....
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Gary B

The Fox Valley Railroad
Frank - Your layout is excellent and your English is better than a lot of what I've read lately.


N Scale with Stone Tools
Looks great! Very realistic.

And I second Gary, your English is better than I see from many native English speakers I know. :)


Craftsman at heart
I love that Diamond Walnuts building. Nice job!

I have no brick buildings on my layout, but yours sure is inspiring me...

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