Warning ** Scamer Among Us**

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Got this on my e-mail today::mad: :mad: :mad:


Hello MLW

You received the following message from : sandrakam

At: http://www.railroadforum.com/forum/

From: Miss Sandra kamra
Abidjan Cote d'Ivoire.

Please contact me through my private email box.

Dear One,

I am Miss Sandra kamra ., the Only Daughter of late Mr, Alfred kamra
the former rebelle suponsour leader in bouake west cost of cote d
i'voire .I discoverd that my father deposited the sum of the sum of
(10;500 000) Ten million five hundred Thansand Million USA dollar in a
security firm here in Abidjan ,and now i am in hiding in one of the city
in Abidjan called Yopougoun .
Due to infertility nature of my country politicaly,

I wish to invest this money In your country. I also plead you help me on
the investment part of the business, You have a free hand of operation.
I will like you to send to me your telephone so that i will discuss with
you in person so that i will send the name of the security firm to open
contact with them for withdrawl of the consignment to move it to your
country for investment.

The money is in the position of a security company as a family tresure.
A legal process will take place to ensure mutual transfer. .
All effort made to the successful of this transaction will highly be
appreciated. I hope to get a favourable reply in due curse.
We can negotiate on the terms of assistance.

Best regards,

Miss Sandra kamra


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Not among "us." I'm not about to click that link, but notice that it shows our supposed affiliated forum's name without the "s."


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Yep, Ten million five hundred Thansand!

I also think that these retards not only need to laern splelell, but laern good egnilsh and gramure!


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I got that email too, but its funny that my new spam catcher on my server has some contextual thing, it like pre-reads the emails, and caught it...

Steve B


If you receive this E-Mail DO NOT RESPOND

forward it to your local police for investigation.

this scam originates in Africa, we have had it in the UK it's called "The Nigerian 419 scam" , i got an e-mail from our local bobby's warning of it.

this is off the Lancashire Police web site
Be aware of phishing. This is where you receive a fake email or link to a website asking for personal information, in reality criminals will use the information to take your money. Remember your bank will never ask for information in this way.

This is info below is off http://home.rica.net/alphae/419coal/

take time to read it, it may save you a fortune

What To Do If You Receive A Nigerian Scam/419 Letter
[All information in the What To Do and the Additional Country Specific Reporting sections of this site is kept as current as possible. The most recent update of these sections of the site was done in May 2006]

2. Notify your Own Nation's National Law Enforcement Agency and your Own Nation's Foreign Office.

3. File a Complaint with the Nigerian Embassy or High Commission in your nation. It used to be possible to email complaints and 419 materials in to the Central Bank of Nigeria and to the Nigeria Police, but those email addresses have not worked for some time.

4. For Loss cases only, you may file a complaint with the Nigerian Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). Their website is at http://www.efccnigeria.org/ You may also file complaints with the Central Bank of Nigeria Anticorruption Unit at anticorruptionunit@cenbank.org and should do so especially if CBN is mentioned in the 419 materials.

MLW read below to report this e mail

5. If the contact from the 419ers was via email: write their email provider at their "abuse" address (abuse@yahoo.com, abuse@onebox.com etc.) and include the 419er message with its headers; complain about the 419 message; and ask that the account be shut down. You may also file complaints with watchdog type sevices like Spamcop to try and get the 419ers email accounts shut off by whatever ISP they are using - Spamcop and other services like it will parse the headers of the 419 email and try to see through forged information etc. to get back to the actual origin of the 419 email, which is often useful in these matters.

Please remember that it is important to include the message's full header information. This is necessary for tracking the message's point of origin. This extra information is not shown by default, and the method of displaying it depends on the email resource you use. If you don't know how to display full headers, please see the instructions in your mail program or website. (Note: Many webpage-based email hosts include a "full headers" option link near the top of the message.)

Some 419ers give different email addies in the body of their mail than the one they sent from. You should complain to "abuse" etc. at those email providers as well.
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I always delete email from people or companies I am not affiliated. Don't even look at it. Like Bob said on RRF, "I don't need powerful climaxes, I just go to Mount Rainier Scenic for a Climax."


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Dang, think of all the trains you could buy with Ten million five hundred Thansand Million USA dollar, MLW!!!!!!!


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I usually tell them that I'm too busy assisting other folks, and not to bother me unless the monetary amount is at least 9 digits, not including decimals..... :D

I also have a politcal-related comment with I will refrain unless the moderators give me permission to do so. It's not really inflammatory, I heard it on NBC News, but I won't say anyway.




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MLW said:
Retards? that's to put it mildly. I wish we can found those @#$#&**.
Give them a bit of "interest"....
To All;

This is a classic example, as was stated before, of a Nigerian 419 Scam.
This is so named after the section of Nigerian Law covering this con.

If you would like to learn more about this, go to http://www.419eater.com/index.htm

This is a privately run site by someone known as a scambaiter. He runs reverse scams on these people.

There is some fantastic information on this site in the FAQ. Some of the "trophies" he has gotten from these people are in the Hall of Shame, the Trophy Room, and the Letters and Archive sections. There is even a forum section that has some real good info about various other scams on the internet.

I would recommend that you at least read the FAQ section if you go there.

Some of these scammers can get real nasty.


2 very funny things about this one.

1. Says where she's hiding. If you're really hiding, you're not supposed say where.

2. Take a closer look at the name: Miss Sandra Kamra = S.Kamr


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Good to see that everyone’s awareness is very good. Good show.
Unfortunately some people still get caught by scams like this.:(

-edit, sorry got carry away-
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The modelrailroad site is legitimate, some of our members are also members there. "sandrakam" is no longer a member. Security for new members to join at that site has been beefed up. All the advice I've read in this thread is good advise, only the greedy will get caught up in any of those schemes. It's unfortunate that some scammers do slip through the screening of new members, but it does and will happen occasionaly
Right hand rule: " If it seems too good to be true, it isn't true" ; Left hand rule follow Right hand rule, nuff said :D


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Dear Miss Sandra:

I am so sorry to hear of your plight. I would love to help you. Please contact me at (123)456-7890. My address, if you should choose to write, is:

#123 No*****ng Way
British Columbia

If you call me in the next 10 minutes, I'll throw in a used razor blade absolutely free!

Call now! Hurry, this offer expires without notice.

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