Walthers"Cornerstone Turntable Question

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:confused: Well I was wonderong on the Walther"s HO Scale Cornerstone HO Scale Turntable.How Involved would this be on Hooking/Wiring Up this Turntable.I want to get one but decided too ask before I go ahead and Purchase it.Ho much Time is Invovedl as well.Please let me know soon !!!Thank You!!! :confused:


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Tim is marching on, sorry I have no experience with the item. I would imagine that explicit instructions come with the unit, If you really want it go for it. You can allways ask about any problems you might encounter right here on the forum. Although I have no experience with that unit I do have considerable electrical and mechanical experience. Problems shouldn't be too hard to overcome. If I can't answer it I sure there is someone else around here that can :D


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You need to get some stock rail and solder wires to the center of each and feed them down thru the pit hole in the platform. It is then feed out to two brass rings which receive the power from a stand that makes contact with the rings. It is a time consuming and very slow process. If it isn't done right you will not have power contact to the rails. the Pit iself needs to be braced from down below as the weight of some of the new engines makes the pit table sag and will definitely cause it to snag. Also remember this is just like a reversing loop and requires either a DPDT to control the polarity or a reversing unit if you are dcc.

Hope this helps. I haven't done one in awhile.


Ok Thanks Bob for that helpful information.Walther's dosen't seem too know a thing about it.all they know is the demsnions of it. :confused:


Which turntable are you talking about, the 90' or the new 130' w/indexing? As already mentioned, you should be able to handle the wiring part of either and there are plenty of helpers here to guide you. I use the CMR kit turntable which has a different method of power pickup and haven't actually wired a Walthers.

Mechanically, I have read where there are considerable modifications that need to be made on the 90' for it to work smooth and stay level in its turns. The 130' has mixed reviews, but the negatives were because of an indexing problem. It would lose its memory after being shut down. Walthers supposedly to have corrected this problem.

As GrumpyBob has already said, you will have to be able to operate your bridge as a reversing loop. Suggestion: If you are DCC and do not get the indexing turntable, install a mobile decoder for the turntable motor power. This will allow you to operate it from any hand trottle and be able to slow it down to a snail's pace to align your track and forward/reverse with ease. Just assign it a number just as if it were a loco.


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I made my own turntable and used 1.5mm plug/socket arrangement, which will also act as the bearing/fulcrum. I used a large gear (1 1/2") from a remote car as the base and a smaller gear to drive it, which is attached to a motor under the pit. I will be using a decoder to drive the motor as I've been told the decoders smooth out and control the motor speed very well.

Heres's some pics


I have other pictures but I'll have to down load them later.

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I put one (90 footer) together about a year ago, no problems, it works fine. It will turn my duel motor GG1 that is kinda heavy with no trouble.
Don. :cool:


Well I made a Turntable for my HO Trains but I need to know how too make it Rotate any ideas anybody can come up with.I made it from a1 Inch thick Round Circle.It is 10 inches in Diameter,I had soldere two wires too the Yard Track then had glued down a.Piece of HO track on the Turntable then I soldered the other 2 wires too that Track.Also I had spliced those wires to 3 other Tracks that.Gointo teh Roundhouse.Just need too know who I can make it Rotate.Any Ideas would be appreciated Alot.

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