Undecorated Dash 8-40CW

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I just found a undecorated Dash 8-40CW on eBay, I wouldn't get it if it wasn't so cheep, because I do prefer to have engines already painted, so I don't have to; but since is like the cheepest of the cheep, I'm going to try and get it :p . But if I do get it, what should I paint it up to be?, I was thinking of maybe decorating it up in Amtrak's Pesi Can paint scheme, Any other suggestions? Maybe I make up my own r.r? if so, what would it be called and/or what would its paint scheme be ???????

Can you help me out here 7 help me decide what I'd whant to do w/ a undecorated Dash 8-40CW????
I don't know what to tell you Eric, I have two new undec. dash 9's downstairs bought on eBay for the same reason "Cheap", so I'll follow this thread for some idea's

How about VIA Rail? That's be an oddball! Seriously though, look for prototypes. I'm not familoar with the Dash 8 line-up, so can't suggest much.

For basically the same reason I received an undec. SW1200, so what do I do with it? I serahced and searched and it looks like it'll be a CANAC switcher of CN origin.

Now if I knew how to paint...
Hi Eric. that'll go for a lot more than $0.01. Even when it gets over $25 there will be the snipers bush sitting, but what the heck give it a go perhaps you will luck in and get it. If you happen to be lucky, well then worry about what you'll do with it. Once you own it, a lot of ideas will come to mind. :D

One of the things that amaze me about ebay, is that sometimes used items (in good shape) sell for more then if you bought the same thing brand new!

Lots of goodies there, but with shipping and most of it being in the States, it adds a lot of cost. Recently I received a caboose from a friend in Montreal and it cost $8 to send it down here. Montreal is not that far away and the caboose is not that big or heavy!