UBER late WPF...

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Diesel Detail Freak
Anyone, anything? Its sunday, at 11PM PST and there's no WPF! I know the server had its outages, but?

grove den

naturally natural trees
Dutch layout N scale

I know it is to late, but I read the comment from Josh so.....:eek: :)
I hope you do'nt mind if there is no forest:D or desert:D on our N module layout .
I'ts a very GREEN typical Dutch modelrailway!!:rolleyes: All the buildings you can see are scratchbuilt by the members and do realy exist in the south of my country.
The picture is made during an exibition last month.
You can see a small part of the 48 modules we have
And I picked one picture out with a train on it :D Know most of you love that(Unfourtunately no "diesel" Josh;) because in my country, they have not such a big beautifull colored and already"weathered:D :D :D "dieselloco's

Please do'nt think there are no driving trains at all on it:eek: I made the pictures during a "break". Our layout is controlled and driven by Computer and it is possible to drive 5 or 6 trains(even more) at once. (I am told!!:D ) that you can program a route for each train and that ,also, you can give some trains precedense on other. So the "slow"ones will stop automaticly on the( programmed! ) parts of the layout to let "through"the fast ones.
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Lazy Daydreamer
Ahh, so there there IS a wpf after all! I finally had something to post for a change but no place to post it (until now).

Josh, great photo of San Diego Station - I remember it from my early Navy days several lives ago when I would see war bonnets parked there. Looks like the whole area has been 'gentrified'!

Joz, nice shots of the modular N layout!

Steve, I like that photo of the rail welding in your Dad's backyard, maybe you ought to post a link to it here as well?

I decided to try my hand at weathering on this handpainted Conrail unit (an old Kato SD40) for the first time since I did my Iron Belt SD's a year ago. Kept it 'light' since I can't undo over-done weathering.
At the same time I also decided to try using a specialized bulb in my photo floodlight for a more accurate representation of color. Now I'm wishing I'd have done ALL of my IB photos using this bulb! Oh well...

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Steve B

Nice job Ken, like the crossing,

joining flex track, 1ft scale

step one fit heat proof mold to the rail joint

step two, heat till very hot for five min's

step three, fit thermal welding pot, drop sparkler in and step away, quickly

20 seconds later after violent reaction that's it, one welded rail

Also note, the three Preiser trackworker figures in front of the van, did they move in ten mins or didn't they
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I'ts a very GREEN typical Dutch modelrailway!!:rolleyes:

And it looks fantastic, very nicely done!

Speaking of green... What are you using for ground cover? It is quite realistic, and I'm impressed. What material is that, and do you have any more photos?

grove den

naturally natural trees
Products from the U.S.

The "stuff"we use is very common::rolleyes: Woodland fine turf!
W.l fine turf soil T41, W.l fine turf weeds T46 , green T45 and also coarse turf: dark green T65 plus other , but not so much, fine turf stuff.
We also use foliage cluster Med. green: FC58 for low small shrubs , the big shrubs are made with the filterstuff I wrote about.
Of course we mixed on some places the turf with other stuff like real soil from the neighberhood...

grove den

naturally natural trees
no jobs anymore?

"Joining flextrack" ( by Steve)

If the company sees these pictures:rolleyes: you make me think the "3 PREISER men will probably "have no jobs in the future after this :D :D :D ha ha ha
It''s almost like on a layout: no movements(ecxept the 2 between the track:) )
Nice pics and comments:)
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Diesel Detail Freak
Yes Steve, thats with the new camera. Full moon + planning = night shots, but now I realize I don't need it, cause its well lit there.

Steve B

Great pics everyone,
OK i know it's not the weekend anymore but since josh posted the WPF late:rolleyes: , i can add pictures late:rolleyes:

anyhow, here goes,
first a very basic snow scene, i'm just getting to grips with useing white plaster, so i am trying out various methods

And here's my new baby:D , a C30-7 on the grade with a unit coal train


grove den

naturally natural trees
Hello Steve,

Nice pictures...:rolleyes: In my country we do'nt have sucha gigantic "Babies":cool:
.Maybe Steve.......one.... or.......two ,maybe ,shrubs:rolleyes: or even a ....very... small tree on that slope on the pictures..you showed to us??:eek: :eek: :D :D :D (I know it is just up my alley:rolleyes: :)

do'nt mention it I am kidding:)
grove den
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Stay off the tracks!
Jos, those are some of the best scenicked N scale modules I've ever seen.
Most of the ones I see tend to be urban or very sparse.

grove den

naturally natural trees

Steve: " I am trying out various methods"
Yesterday I had a phonecall with Mr. Tolkemit(snowlayout on the picture I posted) and he "makes snow" just like you but also he paints the surface twice even three times with white latex wallpaint and while it is still wet he ads "snowglitter"from Noch or Heki.
He told me that "glassdiamantin" is not avaylible any more in shops because is is made from real very small parts of broken glass!!
Good luck with trying out;)
Jos alias grove den
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grove den

naturally natural trees
_Jeff schultz:_________________
Jos, those are some of the best scenicked N scale modules I've ever seen.
Most of the ones I see tend to be urban or very sparse.__________________

Thank yousir!:)
Tomorrow we are going to shoot some more pictures from the new modelled modules we made this year, hope there will be something to post on this forum next week, if you're interrested?
Jos alias grove den

grove den

naturally natural trees

Want you to show you some (mostly green:D :D ) pictures of our scale N modules layout in last two years..
Hope you like them:)
The first one was taken last year in Goes where we had all the 48 modules(follow the small lamps on our skyboards:D ) in action!!(48X1.20 cm) =48 X Apr. 4 feet:rolleyes:
Grove den
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