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What does everyone use to clean track? I have seen products made specificly for that purpose but what are other alternatives (like alcohol, etc.).


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As for alternative methods, I've heard good things about metal polishes. Apparently they can greatly increase the time between required cleanings.

Be warned, I have not tried this myself yet. I have no idea what (if any) side effects there may be.



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Goo Gone, and then after a good cleaning, wahl clipper oil. Though I've never used the clipper oil myself.


I use a briteboy,alcohol and a rag..I was using Radio Shacks Channel Turner Cleaner until our local 'Shack closed.


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I use a centerline car to dry the rail and a CMX car from Tony's to apply the 91% IsoAlcohol.

Now that I am having major ops sessions, I find I need to clean once per month. This is a large layout too.....

I wouldn't do the wahl clipper oil if you have a helix or heavy grades. Anything that makes the rail slippery will kill pulling power.

Also, be very careful of goo gone. I use to use it and after a while it got the rails sticky.

I started using IsoAlcohol and it works great and evaporates away!
I did a section of my main line with metal polish a couple of months ago and it is still bright and no dirt collection. I've heard that a very light application of clipper oil will help but haven't tried it.


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I use metal polish about every 3 months. Just make sure after you use the polish that you clean it w/a clean cloth. Between cleaning I sometimes use a cloth that I buy at Walmart in the automotive section. It comes in a container & they are kinda wet. I will try to get the name today at work.
Then every consist of train that I run on my mainlines I have a box car w/a small piece of masonite attached that lays on the track & that does an excellent job.


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I like "Rail-Zip" . It removes oxidization like cleaning pennies and then leaves a fine protective coating that last. Wenzol is an awesome cleaner. (I get it at auto shows in a tube)..Try it on a half of it and it restore a penny to will amaze friends with how quick it works..anything like this works!

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