Tower 55 Site Info (Must Read)

> Got an email from Brian and he says that the Tower 55 website is planned to go live tonight

I'm confused... What's that got to do with HO trains?
O,M.G. $299 plus taxes and shipping for a plastic loco, Man I don't know but that seems some what steep to me. When compared with other top line models like the PK's, Kato and Atlas, I mean why do you think they are worth that much more?
As far as the paint jobs and roadnames go, buy the materials and do it yourself, airbrush paint and decals, doesn't seem too difficult to me. :D
Cheers Willis
OK, trying to explain, Read its model info, then open Broadway Imports, then compair the prices... Its the same as the MSRP for the AC6000CW with sound and dual mode DCC...
then compair the prices...
LOL ,I don't have one loco in my fleet that I've paid over $100 initially for. In my own opinion prices for injection molded plastic bodies are way out of line. Comparing one manufacturers price to another when there's little difference still doesn't justify what they are charging. For example take the automobile industry, all they are putting out now is shiny overpriced junk that is expensive to maintain and run. This year they will be paying for their better ideas and indifference to their customers. Unfortunately there will be job losses and difficultys for those employed in these industrys. That's the way I see it
Cheers Willis
they're not alone...
Yes I noticed that, :D even Athearn has joined in to milk the cash cow. What is going to happen now is all the lower priced units will be off the market except for used ones ebay and that is a shame. Even nowdays when I see what looks like a good buy on ebay I snipe it. Think about the new persons deciding to get into the hobby, they look around, get advice, do a costing estimate and then decide to take up something else. The one good thing left is competition, and as sales decline that's when the equalizer will kick in. There is a niche for a low cost train manufacturer. However since Bachmann, LifeLike and Athearn have shifted to higher cost models, the niche has not been filled, and that niche is where most of us started in the hobby, I certainly did. and still have some of them. Maybe in the winter some of it will be going on ebay.
No matter what the product there is some demand for it, well like a Ferrari, but then again how many of us can afford one? :D
Cheers Willis
I don't mind to much, it becomes rough on the wallet, or, the Paypal account if you eBay everything. BUT I love the detail that comes in new models, it makes the detailing process faster!
Speaking of trains on eBay, I just listed 90 more Stewart locos in my store :D

I've noticed that there certainly is a market for the pricier locomotives, even though they appeal to a smaller crowd. I've sold one or two $300 locomotives in my store, but the less expensive models (that still retain good quality, such as the Stewart units and some of the LL engines) are much more popular, for obvious reasons.