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Long Winded Old Fart
I actually joined when Bob had this Forum on another website & I don't think those totals were added to these. Mine's in the upright hand corner too.
Thanks for Asking.:):D

Are we checking to see who's been on here the longest? What is the Prize, are we winning a length of 4" sectional track in Brass or Steel?
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Old 97

What is the Prize, are we winning a length of 4" sectional track in Brass or Steel?
Sorry Larry, no prizes. But thanks for sharing your story. I never knew that’s how you wound up here.

ummmm why?
Well Michael,

I just figured it would be a nice way to bring recognition to the folks who spend a good deal of time here and give the other members a little insight to who’s who in the forums.
Been on here now a couple of years. find this site very helpful with any questions I might have. always someone willing to answer.

Iron Horseman

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I have no idea. I guess I joined just before Space Mouse (2004?) because I remember when he joined asking questions about the Bachmann Hogwarts. But one would never know that looking at my statistics in the upper right of the message. That is because I could never find an alias that I liked until I came up with this one. I believe I've had 4 before, and then I was away for a couple years.

Something that has always puzzled me about this forum is the very high number of viewers but the low number of posts. What are all those people looking at all the time?
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All new now!
I'd say at least half of my posts have been random rumblings in the coffee shop. It's not that I don't talk about trains, I just don't talk about anything specific. I seem to be middle aged around here as far as time and post count.


BN Modeller
Never really gave it much thought untill now, Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: MB Posts: 2,968
Hmm, seven years... does that make me one of the "big kids"?


Master Mechanic
To me the best indication of posts is what is in them, not the count. If I can't learn something from someone, in a thread, then to me the post isn't any good. I do my best to impart some knowledge from 50 yrs as a modeler in about 1/2 my posts, and I feel I should do better.


I'm Blunt..
I'm actually more concerned about location over join date and post count, it's better to know whose close by that keeps up on local events and other benefits of the hobby.


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Went on a search to find out how to display by join date, oldest first, and no luck there ...
I can see individual ones, but not a list ?
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