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I have not worked on my RR for several months now. Built an entertainment center for our living room and now before cold weather two toy boxes for the grandkids Colton and Alissa. My second hobby is getting to be a second job but I love makin saw dust and wood chips. The last big project that sits unfinished on the railroad is the ballasting. I started the ballasting about 3 years ago. I finished up the shopping district/dpwntown area and was very unhappy with my results. Next came the yard area which is looking much better but still not real happy with it. So practice, practice, practice will get the look that we are all after. I start by spreading the dry ballast, misting with alcohol and then flooding with Sobo glue(found at Michaels and oither craft stores). Sobo stays flexable and is easily removed if needed. I reused all of the track and turnouts from my first layout by just using a little warm water and not much elbow grease. This process works well for me but I would love to be able snap my fingers and have it done.

Steve B

You have my sympathy, i feel frustrated at my slow progress of late, for every one step forward i take about six back


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I honestly don't remember much about the last project, unless it was the saw mill, hard to recall when that was. I know I was down in the layout room to clear an area for some weekend photo fun shots, other than that, modeling has been at a standstill. As you say there is only so many available hours in a day, lately when I finish the honey do list that's it, I'm zapped. However now that the days are getting shorter (daylight hours) and it looks like the cold is on it's way there just may be enough energy in the old carcase to do something I can do while relaxing.
Larry that's interesting about the Sobo glue. First time I've heard of it. I just use the white or yellow furniture glue diluted with water. It all seems to lose it's bonding qualities when soaked with water in the event I have to relocate or remove some trackage. Next time I'm in the Mall I'll have a look for it, might be interesting to compare characteristics.
Cheers Willis
There used to be an old song called "Time In A Bottle" now if I could find some of that time for sale, I'd buy me a batch :D


I know the feeling. It's been over a month since I've spent more than 15 minutes at a time in the layout room. I can't wait until things slow down around here ( maybe in 2007 :eek: )


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Hey, I've been staring no progress in the eye for 8 years now, the FARTHEST I EVER got was a 3x6 with a loop & a church!


Glad to know that I am not alone. I haven't been able to get motivated all summer. As fall arrived the fever went up, but the boss lady said that I wasn't allowed to use the excuse "It's too hot!" for my honey-do's any longer. So...guess what I have been doing.


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At last - a topic I know something about!

That's why you haven't seen me here hardly at all as of late. I am strapped for both time and money. All the MRR-related things on my ToDo list are unglamourous grunt work (installing metal wheels, repairing damaged 10-year-old track, etc.) so I don't feel motivated to do it since I can't 'bragg' about it with photos. Worst of all though, is that tons of clutter has crept back onto my garage floor - stuff that is not exactly trash, but there's no immediate use for it and nowhere else to store it. Oh, and this just in: My kids still view the trainroom as a garage (i.e. part of 'outdoors') so they have a terrible habit of leaving the side door ajar - now there's a gazzilon crickets in there!:mad:

A local friend of mine suggested I make a commitment to spend just 15 minutes each day doing something to improve the trainroom. Trouble is, just stepping into that place overwhelms me and saps all my energy.

Steve B

LOL, i'm with you there Ken, you should see my garage trainroom, i'll post a pic later and you'll see what a hell hole it is at present, well maybe not
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Maytag "Danged Agitator"
My train room used to be in the garage. Upon retirement my WIFE SUGGESTED I take the back part of the 34' deep garage and make myself a train room so I took her up on her suggestion. I took 11' of the 24' X 34' garage raised the floor level to that of the house. Made part of it a mud room (the house has stayed a lot cleaner since that move)and I have a 10' 6" X 15' train room. The garage is now 23 X 24 and the wood shop next to it is 24 X 24. I now have two play room in which to tinker around. The shop has gotten all of the attention this summer for the honey do projects. I should have the toy boxes completed by this weekend I hope so maybe some train action is in the near future.

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