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As a modeler of a modern logging railroad, I'm finding it hard to find accurate structures for my period. For instance, it is hard to find good quality models of an American gas station or mini-mart. Most models made by american companies are of gas stations from a much bygone era. I have found myself going to European manufacturers to get more correct looking models to fit on my railroad, though they may require some modification. For instance, for my 7-11 which will be in the Lumber Mill town of Onalaska, WA, I will be using a Faller Aldi Supermarket. I will modify it by putting up 7-11 signs, shingle type roffing, new paint job, and other details to make it more 'American.' So the next time you need a more up to date building, check out the European counterpart, they just might have what you need.


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I know the feeling. Almost all 1880's industrial buildings, with the notable exception of mines, have to be scratch built or heavily bashed.


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I've noticed that ALOT of buildings are "downtown" style, there's not much in the way of modern urban development...


The problem here is, of course, that so very few hobbyists model the present day, or pre-1900, that major manufacturers feel they can not get a reasonable return on their investment producing structures from either of the eras in question. For the most part, and likely to remain so, such structures are the province of the more advanced scratchbuilder.

That said, I have recently seen that a few cottage industry manufacturers are starting to offer such kits (usually of the laser type) but most often at rather high prices and presented only in very small, often overlooked ads in publications like MR.



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I suspect there are serious trademark issues with most modern "franchise business" structures and logos.

I was surprised to see the Taco Bell kit that is now out... I may have to see if I can afford it.


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I agree with what's been posted above...that's why the last two structures I've built were scratchbuilt to fit the particulars of the small Ontario town that I'm modelling. Everything I seemed to look at for "downtown" buildings were 2-story structures, when out of the 25+ buildings in my prototype, there's only 2 buildings that are 2-story. Scratchbuilding in styrene is fairly easy and certainly ends up being a lot cheaper than kit-bashing an expensive kit.

Ken S.


The Flange Squeal
i am modeling a 1940s layout that i am modernizing. want to mix the old buildings with the newer ones from the 1980s & 1990s. some modern subdivision style houses too. most of the stuff i have seen at my LHS is from the early and mid 20th century. im going to try my hand at scratch building.
that aldi market is nice. especially since they have been popping up here where i live.

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