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Hi !! everyone in modelrailroad as my promise so today I send the pictures to see in some section on layout Europe stye .For American stye I will send some pictues again in next day, please commend and suggest together,thank you
Kitiyut from thailand


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NICE! That's quite a collection of Marklin you have in your case. I always enjoy seeing what railroading is like on other continents.


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Hi !! I have the both DC rail and AC rail in this layout which I have desige separately track include conventional and digital as same by switch select

Steve B

Great, that's a fantastic collection, i see you have some British stuff, the warship class at the top left and a class 47 near bottom left, very nice


Very nice layout and very large. I can see that you have spent a lot of time and care in building it. Good job! I would like to see some closeup photos.

Seeing your trains reminded me of when my wife and I rode the train from Songkhla to Bangkok in 1970. We had a wonderful time and were treated very special. I saw a lot of steam engines at the smaller towns and they were very well taken care of. We really enjoyed seeing all the beautiful countryside.

grove den

naturally natural trees
I am impressed by your collection and size of the layout you built:eek:
Is it common in your country that modelrr built layouts as if they were situated in Europe(Germany).Or is it because of the fact that there are no modelloco's made like they"drive"(run?)in your country?

I think I'm not the only one:D that watches the picture ,with your great collection of foreighn trains, carafuly to look if I can see a train of my home-country:rolleyes: .I think I've seen one"NS 1100 serie,midlle. left side at the start.....and also some Belgium loco's(I live near the border of Belgium aswel as Germany)
I am curious if there are(scenery) pictures of South East modelrailroaders with a layoutthat deals about a S.-E.-Asia subject/landscape:)
Thanks to show your pictures!!
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Hello,me from THAILAND
KITIYUT is the top five of model railroader, the TFT website owner, and the
Bachman dealer with right license in Thailand.
I would tell him to reply Mr. Grove.
Now I feel appriciate to tell something about TTh with some pics for relax.......while waiting for his answer!!!


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Hi! every one ,I'm sorry so late for answer and thank you Mr.P_POP together that answer as first .I will answer to Mr.Grove why I have many locos Europe because I have been collected more than 20 years and lovely in modelrailroad which in the past the Departmentstore in Thailand imported only model europe until internet have come useful worldwide can order another by myself 4-5 years ago and now I have support to new modeller to started easier with american stye with cheap price and hi end such as brass model because I have a good friend Mr. Donblack in USA will find the good brass and another of my request so this is my detail for answer .finally thank you to every one interested with my collect and next chance I will send new pictures of layout thai's loco model as Mr.Grove request

grove den

naturally natural trees

We'll be curious about your next brand new pictures with Thai's loco and may be also scenery?:) or tropical vegetation because it is not common in our regions!!
I finaly recognise my name!!!: Mr Grove:D (first I did not recognised it!)
I hope you do not mind I answered so late. I think you will understand it if I explaine it to you: My real name is Jos Geurts and my users name is: grove den. Grove den is the dutch translation of pine tree or in latin: pinus sylvestris. They do make many bonsais here in Europe with this kind of trees
It is my favorite tree:D :D :D !!!Look at my avatar
Jos alias grove den


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thai loco

Hi!! I'm pleased to you real name and I will show some pictures with the thai loco model in my layout 4'x8' to you and let you know the body made by plastic and underbody by Bachmann , Athern . all of them made by trainsforthais member who dote on Thai railway

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