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Whiskey Merchant
You're making some good progress. Once all of he sub roadbed is in, the fun begins. Waiting to see the layout build progress. Looking good.


Airbrush artist
I've started the work on the landscape painting on the backdrop.
To make a representation of the Colorado rockies isn't as easy as it sounds....
You want them to be tall and imposing, and have the color variations of the real thing.
On top of that I have to find a level of detail that I'm satisfied with.
I use regular artist acrylics for the painting.



Well-Known Member
That backdrop looks fantastic. Can you elaborate on how you did the clouds? they are some of the best looking ive seen!


Whiskey Merchant
That's some really nice work. I wish I had the talent. I am lucky to draw stick figures. Well done.


Airbrush artist
I built a switch to fit my layout, a three-way stub switch in HOn3.
It is a #6 with 26" radius.

I will probably use a Tam Valley servo controller for it.
It's really fun to build these.


Well-Known Member
Don't know if I'm brave enough for a three-way stub (Nice job on that, by the way!!), but you're right. Once you get into building these, it is kind of fun. I find I have some trouble keeping the point secured. They keep popping off. Maybe it's the cheap PCB I have been using?


Airbrush artist
Made a bit more on my three-way stub turnout in HOn3. One drawbar is made, now it's two more to hold the track gauge to make as well. It's a little tricky to make them because the rails must be able to move individually. I soldered micro track spikes to hold the rails in place.



Airbrush artist
I built a curved turnout today.
HOn3 with Code 70 rails. 28" and 22" radiuses.
What's left to do is to make the cuts for the live frog and to clean the flangeways from solder.I build my turnouts to the narrow specs that Railway engineering promotes. I use their roller gauges and to check with the MNRA gauge, you use the flange end instead of the track end.



Whiskey Merchant
Nice job on the turnout. Thumb up.gif I hand laid a number of them when I started my layout. They are time consuming, but make a lot of difference being able to have custom turnouts and getting track to go where you want it to instead of having to use manufactured turnouts. Keep the photos coming.


Airbrush artist
Built a # 6 left-hand turnout in HOn3 with 26" radius.

They are starting to go together easy now. This one took not more than an hour to make.
I use a drawn template to get the radius right. Otherwise it's just a matter of using the NMRA gauge and Railway Engineering roller gauges.
The frog area has a narrower gauge to make the rolling stock roll better through the frog.
I use the flangeway gauge to get it right.


Airbrush artist
Latest project to be started.

Bret's Brewery from Campbell.
This will be a nice addition to the layout.


Airbrush artist
Old tech real wood kit. You can't beat them for looks!
Doing a great job there! :)
Thanks! :)

Some more construction pics of the brewery.

The door frames cut out from cardboard:

The painted doors:

Primed windows:

Painted windows with green acrylics:

Real glass cut to size with a diamond scribe:

The buildings foundation:

Loading docks:

The water tank:

The boiler house with the PVC stone sheet that is glued with contact cement:

I used Tamiya putty on the corners:


Roof with cardboard frames to make it removable:

Corrugated sheet cut to size:

Mortar made with pulverized clay mixed with PVA and water and then wiped away from the top of the stones:

Getting there:


Curse You, Red Baron!
Staff member
Beautiful work, SIR!
Need clarification please - What is PVA? in the mortar mix?
What material is the tin? and how did you finish it?

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