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As a newbie to the world of DCC I thought I'd buy a book to answer my questions, and give me a better understand of just what I need to buy in order to do what I want.

Anyone have a suggested reading list on this topic? I was going to buy "The Big Book of DCC," by Digitracks. Can anyone tell me if that's the one to get or is there a better book, or perhaps a free website out there?

My mostly shelf layout is going to have about 40' of track, and 1 reversing loop.

Thanks for your time,


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the "big book of DCC" when it was first released was a great book. I haven't seen it lately, as it talked about things that are already now obsolete, if you can believe it. I don't know if Digitrax revised it. However i do know that MR release a new book on DCC not to long ago and might probably be your best bet.

You should read up on blocks, and especially Reversing loops. As something 40' feet long should not be one continuous running section. especially if you are going to run multiple trains.

Bob A.


Thanks Bob,

On Digitracks site it says that the 1st edition is "currently out of print." I'm not sure if that just means sold out, or if a 2nd edition is just around the courner. Either way, it sounds like the 1st edition has old news in it.

I've found a lot of great info just by downloading the PDF manuals for the different systems. Atlas has a newer signal system and the manual for that had a lot of helpful info. I've always found the installation manuals to be a great source of exactly whats involved in a project.

I'll look for the newer book you recommend. I'm going to have a lot of blocks because I want to have integrated signals on the route, so I've just started reading up on that.

All comments/reviews welcome! So feel free to chime in.


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The installation manuals are also a great source. I now have a new DCC library corner in the room. it is amazing how much paper you can collect!!!:eek: I think I read that more than some other books I have bought.:D

I have seen the Atlas Signals, I am curious to see if they will release a single bango style light as that is more prototypical to my railroad. Also a system that runs on DCC. Currently I have some Tomar signals and connected them to the tortoise switch machines. I am currently waiting for NCE to release their signal system.

Good luck with your research.



Ross, "The Big Book of DCC" is a very good book to help understand what DCC is all about. About 3/4 of the book is dedicated to those that are not techies and the other to those that would like a little more meat on their platter. In many parts, DCC is compared to DC to help you relate the principles involved.

While the content may not be current with new developments (impossible for any tech book), that doesn't mean it is inaccurate. The standards of DCC are set by NMRA in agreement with manufacturers and do not change unless approved by NMRA. Yes, many things have developed over the last couple of years, but most all of these are manufacturer specific programming variables...something that you will learn about as you progress.
Hope this helps you.:)
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