Ted Brandon's Nn3 Rio Verde and Western Railroad

Hi Harold, Fantastic, indeed I got so carried away with the photos that I didn't notice the links for the next photo. I was using the bach button on the browser when I noticed it half way through. Nice pictures and a nice site.
Cheers Willis
Thanks for the pics Harold.
I downloaded the whole album.
Not long ago I bought the back issue of N Scale Railroading with the Rio Verde & Western as the cover story. Loved it! There was part of the Rockland std guage that was still terra incognita along the back wall on the track plan, now I see how it turned out. I also see that Ted hasn't stopped, or even slowed down!<G> There's been some additional trackage added below and to the right of the turntable. Also there's more benchwork off to the far left, that appear too incomplete to allow closeup photographs of.

Nn3 makes my eyeballs hurt too.