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Aka. Gary Russell
Well, Covid restrictions are slowly lifting here and getting back to normal. Two of our members were continuing to work hard and are progressing on this awesome build!

Plaster shell hill covered with Latex paint and tracks with the first application of ballast. On Tuesday I plan to add the Mold-a-Scene rock faces and scenery with the church on this hill.

Top of tunnel area after painting then adding some Mold-a-Scene rock areas and ground cover. Likely we will “plant” a number of trees and bushes on the tunnel top as well.

Start of the work on adding this small station to cover the access hole at the end of the swingout bridge. We plan to use a couple of magnets to keep it from falling when the bridge is opened. Likely we will add a little parking area and road crossing the tracks and heading into the background to the right of the hill in the corner.
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Aka. Gary Russell
Rock face added above the track in this corner with the church scene. Also the rock face to the right below the back track painted a darker grey colour.


Another corner with the repainted cliff face. Plans are to add some lighter rust and ochre shades over this base coat.


The third corner with repainted cliff face which is still a work in progress.


Small hill added in the 4th corner using a white Styrofoam base covered with plaster cloth and with a layer of crack filler plaster smeared over the top of the plaster cloth. We are still considering what to do on the wall with all the plug outlets. One idea is to place foam core board around the outlets in the form of a silhouette of hills. This would be about the same thickness as the outlet covers. A layer of cardstock could then be glued over the outlets and then either printed scenes or painted background hill scenes applied to this.


Aka. Gary Russell
Update - our two primary builders of this layout were at it again yesterday:
This morning a base coat of light brown paint was put on the low hill made last Thursday and also used the ¼” thick foam core board to build background hills around the electrical plugs on the one wall. A spray gun and paint brush was used to add lighter colours over areas of the rock faces that were repainted last week. Progress continued on ballasting the tracks. See a few photos and notes below.

They plan to go back next Tuesday morning to continue the work.

Added hills around the electrical plugs. We can glue a thin layer of cardstock or other paintable material over the entire hill. We can also paint a more distant hill directly on the wall (behind where the two houses are now sitting). Also shows the rock faces that were painted. Plans are to add additional colors to some of the rocks.


A closer look at one of the rock faces where more layers of paint were added starting with a spray gun and then using a paint brush.


Aka. Gary Russell
This morning work continued on the charity build layout. Work was continued on the hills covering the wall electrical outlets and ballasting was continued on the upper level tracks. See photos and notes below.

Work will continue on Thursday morning on the background scenery. Our resident ballaster may get over on Saturday to continue his work on the ballasting.

Pieces of 1/8” thick Masonite were cut out to match the shape of the hills and two coats of contact cement were applied to both the foam core board on the wall and on the back of the Masonite.



Masonite glued to the foam core and painted the base brown colour. We will likely use some Mold-a-Scene plaster along the base of the hills and then paint them to look 3 dimensional.


Base coat of paint added to form a background hill behind the houses. Not sure what we will end up putting at this location.


Full wall view, a small 3D hill will be added in the corner on the right side of this photo.


Ballast was added to the sides of the roadbed on the upper track and soaked with a thinned glue mixture.


View of the bridge area with ballast added to the upper tracks. Plans are to add more detail to the painting of the river and hills behind the bridge. I think we are still planning to put a roadway tunnel going into the rockface with the road crossing the rerailers on the lower tracks.



Aka. Gary Russell
One of our great modellers Ballasted and glued the rest of the upper track and around the bridge station. Apart for some touch ups he said the upper level is done!

He also replaced the ledges with aluminum flat bar. Though everything is sitting a tad better the “swing-in” will need to be rehung.


Aka. Gary Russell
Good morning everyone,

Work continued on the layout again yesterday morning with one of our primary builders. Painting was done on the hill areas that were plastered last Thursday and then Mold-a-Scene plaster was added at the base of the hills. The plan is to return next Thursday to add some ground cover and detail the hills a little more. See photos and notes below.

10 decoders for the engines were purchased from Maritime Hobbies. Mike at Maritime Hobbies donated one as well. Thank you Mike !

The wall with covered electrical outlets painted with the base colour and Mold-a-Scene rock faces added along the base of the hills. Don was suggesting that since this is supposed to be an island that we should have some views of the sea. This could be added on the wall behind the station that we had not done much with yet. Also in the center of the wall below, with the small hill painted between the two raised hills, we could add a view of the sea here and perhaps use the top of the small hill as an island.


Opposite wall with the background hills roughly painted with the base colour and Mold-a-Scence added at the base of the hills behind the upper level track.

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