Strobe Light Question.


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Hi all I plan on doing a model of a GP9 that has a strobe light on the cab roof.
Do you know of any detail parts manufacturer who makes them.
Cheers Willis
Thanks Jeff, just added the battery one to my next order. The first one didn't turn my crank.
Cheers Willis
But your model in the picture already has a strobe light!! :D :D

Which one did you get?
Ah! Dan if were only my model, afraid it's a photo of the real thing ex Mid-Michigan RR # 5967
My model, well let's just say it has a ways to go.
Cheers Willis
Mine's a bit more difficult but here's how I did it:

Took a standard yellow LED, chucked it in a variable speed dremel (or a lathe or drill press if you have one) with the leads "inside" the chuck.

Turned the dremel on.....not too fast, not too slow...

Took a small and fine flat file and shaped the LED body to approximate a rooftop strobe of the gumball machine style, including the mounting plate. Be careful how small you turn it or you will get into the working part of the LED. You only want to remove the plastic overmolded "lens".

Painted the mounting plate "section" an appropriate dull silver (or whatever).

2 small holes in the cab roof, solder or whatever the leads, viola!
Jim Hinds at Richmond Controls has all kinds of electronic devices for model railroading. He is the guy who got the Golden White LED made
Thank's larry. I might have it bassackwards, but they seem to be selling modules to power lighting systems and the links to the examples of their led's proformance are excellent , especially if you are into photography you couldn't ask for better. The pages mention the strobes but I couldn't find it listed as a single unit. What I'm really after is a detail part to put on the cab roof, even non working. I'm quite capable of building a cct to power it except I'm a somewhat lazy critter and haven't done much in electronics in the past 12 years. :eek:
Ken, that's a good idea, but I've already put the order in for a Walter's one. I've got some ties with a distant hobby shop and I won't mess with him by cancelling an item, because he is better than any local hobby shop I've dealt with in the past. I ask, he gets it for me and doesn't rip me off. It's a mutual trust, he ships the stuff to me without payment as soon as he receives it, then I tally up grand total including what the shipping should be (it's never on the bill) and send him a money order. However I've some LED's downstairs no reason not to try your method, and if the Walthers one doesn't come I'll use it.
Cheers Willis

Cheers Willis