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Has anyone tried to strip a BLI AC6000? I have been trying to strip mine in 91% alcohol to no avail. The alcohol isn't bad because I just bought it. I have only been able to get the lettering off, not the actual paint.

Any suggestions,


Just a guy
Easy off oven cleaner strips paint pretty well, but it smells, so do it outdoors. I just use the regular stuff. I've not tried the no-fume version.

I haven't done it on that particular item, but it works on anything I've ever tried it on. You spray it on till the item (take the body off of the mechanism obviously) is covered with foam then set it aside (out of the sun). Come back in 15 minutes or so and rinse under warm water. Use an old toothbrush (soft) to get into the crevices and such. When you're done you may have to do another application, maybe not. When all the paint is off, your part will probably have a white-ish film to it. Use warm water and some dishwashing liquid and that toothbrush to clean the part. You can't have any residue of the oven cleaner on the part or your paint that you shoot will be ruined. It may still have the white film, but don't worry, you can paint right over it no problem.

Hope this helps!


Armchair Engineer
I have used pine sol. Just soak the stripped down model in it for a few hours or overnight. Paint usually lifts right off.It will soften the pastic slightly so wear rubber gloves. that way you won't leave fingerprints. Was in lukewarm water and dishsoap using a toothbrush and should come nice and clean. I just used this for a Proto 2000 S2 and came out really good. Ron


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I tried Pine-sol already. I will have to get some of that oven cleaner stuff.


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