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Does anyone have a efficient way to store their engines and rolling stock?

Right now, I am using foamboard trays in a rubber maid container

I'm finding that the couplers are getting bent out of shape and the wheels are falling off the trucks


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I keep the original boxes.

Are you storing them vertically or horizontally? Are there any spacers in-between the cars?


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How about embedding them in boxes filled with tiny styrofoam pellets? You can beat the static-cling problem with a very soft, fine brush like the ones we gals use to apply powdered makeup.


For my RTR cars by Athearn,Atlas and Walthers I use the original boxes.For my BB,Accurail and MDC cars I wrap the cars in paper towels and store them in new pizza boxes that I buy from one of the local pizza shops..Some times the boxes are given to me free of charge.


I have several storage methods that I use. The main one is original boxes, stacked flat in special cardboard boxes on shelves in my closet/workbench area. For those cars that don't have original boxes, I use those special cardboard boxes that are long and flat and have foam inserts to keep the cars in place. I picked a few of them up on e-Bay a while back. Storing them is a little difficult given their overall size. I also use cigar boxes for some of the older loose cars. With the cigar boxes, the cars stand upright on their wheels and I use foam spacers to keep them from rolling around.

I also have one of those display shelves, with track mounted on 5 narrow shelves, but it isn't being used now while I'm cleaning and re-arranging the train room.

I guess I also use the layout itself for some storage, since there are always some cars sitting on sidings.

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Part of the problem when using original boxes is the models don't often fit after adding couplers, handrails, etc. I don't store my models yet, I let them "weather" naturally with dust! But I do bring my models to meets and contests at times, and trying to fit them back into the original boxes has often required surgery to the packing material.


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JeffShultz said:
I keep the original boxes.

Are you storing them vertically or horizontally? Are there any spacers in-between the cars?

For my newer stuff I have the original boxes. But a lot of my rolling stock I got off Ebay, so no boxes.

I've been storing them horizontally with a piece of foamboard dividing the columns

If they are in boxes, I just put them in a seperate box all together.


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I store almost all of my stuff in those rolling drawer carts that you can get at Office Max/Depot or Staples. They give you 5-6 plastic drawers, but you can stack them higher. One of mine is 13 drawers high. And they're on rollers, so you can pull them out from under the layout.

One of my friends stores his rolling stock upright, and built some dividers inside each drawer. But, he's a member of a club, and goes to shows, so he uses it for travel as well. Me, I went out and bought some 1/8" thin foam, cut to fit, and cram as many cars/locos inside as possible. I can get about nine 40' HO scale boxcars into a drawer.

Locos, they're upright. The others are on their sides....



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I store mine in the original boxes, if available, and keep the boxes in plastic storage crates, much like milk crates, available from most any Big Mart type store.

For those that don't have boxes, I've been storing those in Coke "flats", the boxes 12 packs of drinks are delivered to the stores in.

The Homeless cars are slowly getting transferred to new Athearn BB's, which Athearn sells new, and I'm printing labels ID'ing what 's in the box. ( That's the time consuming part ).

For y'all that need them, I sell the boxes at my hobby shop. They have 4 different sizes available ( I think ). A buck and change a box ( I think ). Can't tell you specifics right now as I'm at home, and all my info is at the store. :D

If y'all need some, let me know. We're glad to order, and ship anything you need.

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