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Diesel Detail Freak
So, now that I'm searching on sound/DCC & looking at some videos online... Do I have the option to set the DB sound coming downhill, and change the prime mover "speed" going up hill, cause the trains will crawl along at about 15-30 mph, in notch 7 or 8 so they're roaring, but crawling. I hope this is available!

Steve B

If i understand it right you can set the DB volume on my C30-7 to operate in DCC mode only, i presume you just hit a button to start it off, not having DCC i can't try it. For the sound of power while crawling you can program the load to simulate a heavy train, you turn the power right up and it just crawls along, but it will speed up in a few min's


Depends on what company's decoder you're using. Soundtraxx decoders allow auto or manual notching, with manual DB. (Manual means the sound is independent of throttle setting/locomotive speed.) QSI and I believe MRC are strictly auto notching. The newest LokSound decoders allow manual notching. I'm not sure about the Digitrax, but I've heard it has semi-auto (whatever that would be).

I personally use Soundtraxx decoders with manual notching. It's hard work shoving loaded ore cars onto the dock!


Diesel Detail Freak
I'd assume Semi-auto would mean it scales to the throttle unless you select different.

I'll have to do alot of research here, I don't plan to spend $100 for a decoder I "can't use" because I can't control PM & DB sounds... Climbing a 2.2% & decending a 3% grade is just as much work!


Josh, to give you an idea of 'Sound of Power' feature with QSI decoders:
I have two SD24's Mu'd.
Adjustment to Acceleration & Deceleration.
No Speed Tables.
Setting at RTC (regulated throttle control)

With train hooked up, I can start out very slowly with sound intensity adjusting in level with it.
Zip the throttle setting up to about 35%+...and man, hold on to your hat. The Diesels will Roar:eek: , straining at the reins to get going. As the train slowly approaches thottle setting speed, the sound intensity will start backing off to a normal level for that setting. This same change will occur as the train starts up a grade and more pull is sensed. It is exciting!;) :D


You can adjust the above any way you want.

Josh, if you want complete control of all sounds, you will not go wrong with buying a Soundtrax Tsunami. It is incredible just how many CV adjustments can be made including an equalizer that will help you match the speaker installation and to enhance certain frequencies. There is also Advanced CV programming that will smooth out motor operations and certain, matching, sound effects. QSI is great and has many adjustments, but not nearly as many as the Tsunami.
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Whoa, there, Nelly! I should have said Diesel Tsunami when they are released.
I don't think the Diesel decoders have been released yet. In fact, I haven't been keeping up with their release date. Maybe someone else here will know. They will be just like the steam as far as the CV's go and I will certainly use them. If you are in a hurry, the QSI is fine and will do what you are asking for. They certainly have a good strong voice with a good speaker installation. Heck, I have about 10 with QSI.


Diesel Detail Freak
No hurry at all, I figure I won't get around to buying the DCC system and decoder(s) until next summer/fall.


Coal Shoveler
Diesel Tsunamis are still on the wish list. Haven't heard what the latest release date is yet. Most Soundtraxx aficionados are chomping at the bit.

In the interim, I've ordered a couple of the Loksound decoders. At least to get me through....



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