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I finally decided to sit down and draw the building I've been wanting to make with my laser cutter. It's a cinder block building that is a feed dealer based off this MRR article.

I really only need about 2" of it because it sits against the backdrop, but I decided to make the whole building and try and sell a few as kits. I think they are going to look pretty nice.

Here are the first three walls and the front dock/porch just finished cutting.

Here is a test fit of the first three walls. This is the back side.

And here is the front side with the dock/porch on it.

I still need to make some more parts and then figure out what details I would want to put in the kit. And make instructions, etc. And I'm waiting for doors and windows to arrive.

Making a laser kit is a bit of work, but I already have a couple ideas for some more kits. This could get entertaining.


Certified Great Northern Nut
Thanks for the kind words all. I think this will turn out pretty neat.

Put me down for one when you get into production.
Willie, I will put you on the top of the list (well, the only one on the list so far. :) )

It will be a little while yet, I need to finish up the parts, write some instructions and figure out what details I want to include in the kit and where to source them. I do have windows and doors coming, so that's a start.


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Well, I was considering an initial run of 6 but it sounds like I'd sell out right away! (Not a bad problem to have.)

I'm a little limited by the quantities of parts I can find locally and online. But no matter. I'll make as many as I have parts for and then see if I can get more.

In any case, I am making progress on the kit and I think I have all the bits figured out. I need to paint and assemble one for photos and finish up the instructions still. I should have some for sale in a bit.


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A sneak-peek progress photo. I'm still working on this. I have all the parts and am just finishing up the instructions and a completed painted version for photos.

I'm even going to include some printed vintage feed signs and six different store name signs.


Certified Great Northern Nut
Okay, here is the finished model (except I don't have the chimney on the roof.)

I need to finish up the instructions, shoot some glamour photos and laser cut a bunch of parts.

I'm pretty darned happy with the way it turned out though.


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Never have built anything laser cut ar etched, but that is a fantastic looking structure! I'm equally impressed it is the first one you made yourself. 👍

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