Somebodys Gonna Get Fired For This!


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Some are blaming the Engineer some are blaming the guy in the interlocking tower at the diamond.



Of course you know I'm not to blame. :D
I was listening to my scanner and I definately heard someone yelling "Ramming Speed!"

"I can't give ya any more, Captain."

"Better hang on to something."

And then it went dead.
"See!,,, pennies on the track do have an effect on rail service!!!." Especially if you don't use scaled ones. :D
Huh, looks like you lost half your train and ran back into it.

Yeah, The double header hit the diamond at 76 smph ( according to the QSI speedometer ). Car behind trailing GP 40 came uncoupled just before the diamond on an uphill grade and I was answering someones Else's question and just heard my lady friend scream ( scared the s--t out of me :D ) when I heard smack, crunch, as the GE U28B slammed the 50' SF mechanical reefer sitting on the diamond. That is rather a small oval there holding a max of the two 4 axle units and 14 50' cars, this time there were just 11 cars and most were 40'.

I could have ran that train all day if I were by myself and there wouldn't have been any derailments. But have company over? :rolleyes:
Gomez Adams couldn't have done it any better, even if Trish hadn't spoken French at the time. (See if you recall that one!)
LOL the only thing Gomez would have done is had nitro strapped to the train to make it blow up on impact.
Pssst....speaking of was Gomez Addams.

Exactly right. The household members that I remember are Gomez, Tish, Pugsly, Wednesday, Uncle Fester, Grandma-ma, Lurch, Cousin It and who could ever forget Thing. I was watching the Addams family when it was brand new.
You left out kitty kat their pet lion and cleopatra the man strangling plant. I remember watching that show all the time with my mom.
Thanks for the corrections and recollections. I watched that show every week when it came out and I loved those train wrecks! Now I hate it when there is one on my layout.