Some Grande Valley narrow gauge stuff



Just a few pics of my slowly growing HOn30 fleet.irst up my centercab.This is a Mocalova Model Works shell with a scratchbuilt center door cab.The flatcar is a MT "Pepsi reefer with a scratchbuilt body.


Here's a family portrait.The gray unit in the middle is another MMW unit that I bought already built and fine tuned.


The little black steamer is a ROCO unit and runs quite well for its age.The centercab uses the LifeLike SW8-1200 mech and the endcab uses the Bachmann 3 axle switcher mech.I reccomend if you get this unit be sure it is the newer Chineese built mech.
Really cute stuff! Looks a bit like some of the equipment on the Washington Park Zoo Railway in Portland, OR (which a voice in the back of my head keeps telling me I should model).