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I wanted to know if any of you guys (or gals) have any slug units or B-units on your layout. B-units like GP7B or SD24B or GP30B etc...or road slugs in Gp or SD format. No matter what scale...

I have SD slug and a few FB units, E8/9B units, E6B units. I am looking at trying my hand converting a Proto GP9 to a B unit.

Will post some pics when I get home tonight.;)


I have 1 "b" unit. It is a SW1500B. Basically, what it is, is an Athearn SW1500 that had the cab and about 1/3 of the hood cut off, and another hood mounted where the cab used to be. gaps were filled in, and the unit is still undec. I haven't decided what railroad to paint it yet. I got the idea from an article in Model Railroader quite a few years ago. I'd post a pic, but I'm not able.


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I have a SOO SD40-2B unit that I modeled some time ago. What drew me to this unit was the dynamic brake blister relocated to the area where the cab used to be. It was made from a wrecked unit (originally on Burlington Northern), not factory made. Factory units just have the cab area plated over.
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Three BNSF 6 axle slugs, two built from SD24's and one from an SD38 or SD40, and a GP9B built from a Train Station Products GP9


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I did the other three BN units to accompany Mr. Boudreau's model (apologies for the poor photo):


Then there's this model of a Santa Fe SD45-2B:


All were sold on ebay years ago.


Grandson of ALCO Bldr
Here are my pics of my slug...this one is scratch built from an o'l GP. Has metal wheels and it is a dummy unit. Detailed after the actual prototype...:D
One B-unit: Cotton Belt's wrecked B36-7, turned into a B unit after a grade accident.
And slugs in the works: I removed everything above the walkway of a Stewart U25B to eventually become a Southern Pacific TEBU, for use with two SSW GP40's. The hood will have to be scratchbuilt.




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Just the one I named myself after: A Kato GP35 with a kitbashed Rail Power Products shell on it (see my avatar)...


Grandson of ALCO Bldr
Man! I was hoping to see more than this... or this an area that not many model? I know none are manufactured except maybe brass units etc...hmmm..


Grandson of ALCO Bldr
some more shots of the same slug....:D

I am gonna add some working LED lights that will be on DCC even though there is no motor in it....


Heres a crappy picture of BNSF GP60 A-B-A set on the BN Allen Sub. They are Drew Mitchem's Athearn RTR models. Very nice, maybe I will try to get a better pic of the B-unit for you all if you want.


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Here's an FP45 'B' that was going to be part of an A-B-A set on the MadCow. The unit was sold by a hungover manager who has since been asked to retire....



I kinda miss her....



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Here are mine. ATSF 336 from RPP shell built in 1999 and BN 4018 built from RPP shell in 1994. 4018 was the very first loco I painted. It lives with somebody in Witchita now. I have parts for several more B30-7s two of which are nearly done and one more GP60B which I have looked at.


No, Can't say I ever saw one of those here!!! Must not have been railfanning on the days those came through!!! LOL!!!

I think a tunnel motor would have been cool in CNW paint, though!!!

Cool loco!! Besides the tunnel motor, and the F45B, got any other "non" CNW, CNW units???


Grandson of ALCO Bldr
Hey guys...I am looking for a B unit for an E unit. I need a E8/9B unit in Union Pacific Proto 2000 series powered or dummy. Dont care what road number or new or used. Must be Proto 2000 though. Let me know if ya see one.



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This will be my first post on this board and this is a discussion I am a bit interested in. At this time I have five slugs on the layout, two more on the bench and one built for my rail grinder trian. The first unit, SPLX S002, is one I built 15 years ago. This is the fourth paint job on it. It was an Alco of some sort, I think a Model Power that I bought at a swap meet for a buck, no handrails and did not run, but it was still a treasure with the nose notches. I cut the body off of the decking and shortened it. I cut the ends of the body off and lowered them and then built the middle portion of the body out of sheet plastic and puty. Some Cannon Doors and assorted screens and grab rails finished it. It is used with my yard dogs and this is where I found out it is important to have quite a bit of weight in it and use metal wheel sets on it even though it is a dummy unit. It has been Black, Blue, Green and now hopefully finally Orange, soon to be weathered. It is not perfect but it was and has been a lot of fun for an average modeller with average skills. Rich

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