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Out of curiosity how would you weather a model to look like this. I already have a plan. I know there are a zillion ways to skin this goat.



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Well, well, if it isn't the brother of the B&P's most famous locomotive. I'm going to keep an eye on this topic.


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Actually, there are a lot more pictures of this guy. And it is not so dirty. I may just go for this look. (In fact, the only photo of 2001 on the web is mine.)



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I did some light weathering on my Iron Belt SD38-2's - their orange is slightly redder, but the effect is pretty much the same. I made the diagonal black stripes on the side look "bleached" and applied a thin layer of soot along the upper vertical edges of the long hood. I can try to locate the photos if you're interested (I have them online somewhere).

OK I found them, here they are:




...not exactly filthy but at least they don't have the shiny N-I-B look either!

I used a Testors Aztek airbrush to apply the weathering films. Diluted PollyScale Reefer White for the fading on the tiger stripes, Grimey Black for the [barely visible] soot along the upper edge, and a mixture of Roof Brown/Grimey Black on the end pilots. (The fuel tanks are a disaster, I'll need to redo them at some point.)
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I think what you have is a good start on the fuel tanks for some of the peeling paint I've seen. Usually, there is deep red primer underneath the paint instead of rust, though.


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Mellow Mike said:
Buffalo & Pittsburgh


All I'm seeing is Buffalo Chip :D

So I get all excited when I see that Mellow Mike is going to tell me how to weather my Geep and all I get is a joke. [sigh]

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