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I have a local station at "Grashhook", with two tracks served by a dual-radius turnout which curves around and leads to the main line. At the upper end of the main is a siding leading to a small ski resort. One of the tracks at Grashhook has a small train consisting of a combine way car and an oldtime open-platform passenger care lettered for the Gorre and Dephetid. This two car tourist train is supposed to be pulled by a steam locomotive, to take tourists uphill to the ski resort. The train then backs downhill, to Grashhook. I've tried several of my old DC steamers, but have had a lot of problems with derailments when the train hits that double-curve turnout leading to the station. (The other track handles a commuter run with an aluminum double-decker car, pulled by a kitbashed shovelnose Zephyr #9908.)
After nearly tearing my hair out finding one of my steam locomotives to pull the tourist train, I found a kitbashed 2-6-2 that works reasonably well...except for the trailing truck derailing constants when backing around the turnout leading to the station. :( So, I did what a number of railroads might have done... I removed the trailing truck! Problem solved! 😀 Had that not worked, I was preparing to try a Mantua Mikado, from which I removed both the lead and trailing trucks! Not prototypical you say? Well the "Q" actually did that to a Mike that they retired to switching duties. They only did it to that one engine, so it may not have been too successful, especially with the coming of dieselization in the mid-1950's.


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The trailing trucks usually added support for an extended firebox. I hope your locomotive doesn't start "popping wheelies" under strong acceleration. :)


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UP 4500 was UP's only 0-8-0; built as UP 2-8-0 1636 in 1900; renumbered to UP 416 in May 1915; rebuilt to 0-8-0 4500 in June 1924.

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The reason that UP rebuilt this locomotive into an 0-8-0 was because the front pilot was destroyed in an accident. The Consolidations were already beginning to be outclassed by that time, so rather than restore the locomotive to it's original condition UP just scrapped the pilot and relegated the engine to switching duties. She was vacated from the roster in August, 1946.
So what you are proposing is indeed prototypical.


Why not just have a smaller engine like a 4-4-0, 0-4-0T, 0-4-2T dockside, Mantua 2-4-4-2T logger (articulation allows the odd curves), the small Bachmann 10 wheeler ?


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I hope removing that trailing truck doesn't exceed your driver wheel loading.
The "2-6-2" was originally an 0-6-0, a Roundhouse kit, IIRC. I built the original kit when I first got into HO, about 63 years ago. The Burlington Route was one of the railroads that utilized various "Prairie" steamers, and so I added a lead and a trailing truck. Did this with several locos. Removing the trailing truck is something they could have done, for whatever reasons.
twforeman- I tried using the 0-8-0 Mike, and it worked okay, but the overall length of the engine is a bit long, and the overhang of the cab and firebox is a little unhandy on the curve up by the ski resort. It is available, if needed, and I can also use a GP-7 or -9, although that is a bit modern for the tourists! ;)
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I've checked the turnout and don't see any problem. I could use the Mantua logger, but have it reserved for other duties. Thanks for the replies!
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