S scale

Yep. It's actually nice to work with, since it's in between HO and O, but the variety of equipment available compared to HO/O is lacking, although it is improving (in large part due to one company, I think it's "S Helper Service" ??)

I don't know much about S scale, but I'm sure there are others here that can help. :eek:
My favorite thing about S scale is that the cars are an easy convert to 0n30. :D (actually I just don't have anymore trainroom being as I am into,nevermind just look at my sig :D

Actually my first serious layout was S. (American Flyer really)
While S doesn't have the wide variaty of HO, it does have a fair number of engines and cars to select from. SHS has a pair of switchers that are fantastic looking and great runners. They also have F3's and F7's with an E7 in planning stages. A 2-8-0 of B&O heratige is close to being released as well as a third switcher, NW2. American Models has a selection of first genoration EMD units. The GP35 and SD60 start to fill in the 2nd and 3rd genoration units. Alco is represented with the PA-1, FA-2 and RS-3. FM Trainmaster and Baldwin S-12 round out the diesels. A GG-1 for you electric fans. Steam has the 4-6-2, NYC 4-6-4 and a Pennsy streamlined 4-6-2. The big news from AM is the Santa Fe 4-8-4 2900 series steamer. Lionel has a nice 2-8-2 and is re-releasing the old American Flyer 4-8-4. The freight car selection tends to be late 50's to the late 60's. AM has a Railbox type box car along with a fairly modern 13k tank car. AM also has spine cars for the inter modal traffic. I could go on but I think that shows that S isn't that lacking for equipement. :D

American Flyer anyone?

:D Hello all. Anyone out there with only original american flyer.:confused: Even so, would like some s scale layout plans others may be using. I am now about to start a new layout in the basement about 30 x 20 feet. Thanks....:)