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Montanan I will get some pictures for you. It's just tracks and trains, but it has kept me amused all afternoon.

Phil I am having a great time with my new trains!

My Grandson who helped me build the bench work came down to the basement after school and happily exclaimed "It's a TRAIN!!!!" That made me even more happy than I already was. :)

BigE how are you feeling today?


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Glad to hear you're alright, but I would have chosen the rib eye. Is it on the menu tonight?

You bet!! With red potatoes smothered in butter.
I was just too lazy to bother cooking yesterday. Anytime someone else cooks for me, it's a treat.
Such is the life of a hermit. ;)


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Normally I would go with the rib eye as well, but I can relate to not wanting to cook sometimes too. Case in point, I had red hot potato chips and pretzels for lunch today because I was too busy playing with my trains to take any more time to fix a proper lunch. My blood sugar is good so all is well :) It's not what you eat but how many calories it is that counts for blood sugar. Even still I don't recommend chips and pretzels for every meal, but this was a special occasion.


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Sounds good to me, but with a beer. (Yes, I like my beer) We're having chicken something. What ever is in the crock pot, but sure smells good.


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My daughter made her "world famous spaghetti" as my grandson calls it.

Montanan if you are ever in Baltimore stop by, I always have a cold beer in the ice box for guests. I only drink a beer or 2 on the 4th of July or other occasions, maybe 6 a year total, but a good host has to have cold beer for guests. I usually have a Baltimore beer "National Premium" National brewery is long gone but one of those little micro brewers has bought the recipe from G Heileman Brewing who bought out National. it was my personal favorite and as far as I can tell it's the same as always.
Evening, all. 40 and mostly sun.We dodged the snow. Good. I'm ready for spring.

Mil113: Did I read you are looking for a GP7/9 shell? I have an Athearn BB Milwaukee Road shell with handrails that I won't use. Yours if you want it. I weathered it, but it's still good.
Keep the photos(model and proto) coming!


If anybody will be near Spooner Wisconsin, let me know! I welcome visitors!

Terry in NW Wisconsin


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Great picture Terry in NW Wisconsin, thank you!

When I see a boxcar I always wonder what is in it.
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I like it. I can remember when I was a kid when we were going to Indiana to visit relatives seeing one and being around railroads so much and I had never seen a box car like this. I hope this car would be appropriate for 1957? I am also thinking that the B&O kept this boxcar within their system. ?????


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Chet .... Sounds great to me. ... Actually, there are three model railroads here at the lake. .... Mine, Gus's, and Dan's. .... Gus is a retired ICRR locomotive engineer who has a very nice Illinois Central layout with scenery. He has also made models of locomotives and cars of a local short line, Cadiz RR. That short line was abandoned many years ago. He had a photo in Model Railroader several months ago. Gus has many interesting stories about his experiences with IC .... Dan is a retired metallurgical engineer of General Motors, and he has a nice layout with Union Pacific trains. ..... My layout, of course, is a fictional division of the CB&Q. I aim for 1962, but have some locomotives of the 1940's and 1950's, too. I have had a few photos in Model Railroader.

Everybody else is welcome to visit too. Just have to coordinate schedules.

This Cadiz RR Alco S1 is located near the I-24 / US 68 interchange. I took the picture before a roof was built to protect it from rain. The hillbilly-made roof is ugly and too low. It is not possible to get a good photo anymore.


This is a nice little scene from Gus's layout. A similar photo of it was in Model Railroader.


Garry: Gus's photo didn't appear for me in your forum post? Ah, here it is, great.
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