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Good Morning!

Chance of rain with a high of 45.




Temperature in Tipton IN




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Good morning everybody!

37 under cloudy skies in southeast Baltimore

Have a great day everybody!


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Good morning all. 33 degrees and a bit of sn--, sn-- , white stuff came down over night. Figures. Took off my winter tires yesterday. The roads were bare but I did have toscrape some off of the windshield.

Louis, you did it. You had to post a picture of the B&O M-53 wagon top box car. And then CSX_road_slug went and posted an ebay listing for one. I wasn't sure about the time period these were produced, but being that I did see them in the late 50's, I went and got one. I can remember in earlier posts that I stated that I had enough freight equipment. Guess I needed more.

The majority of my freight equipment is either custom painted for my own railroad, or are from western railroads. I even custom decorated some using dry transfers. When I started accumulating freight equipment, the old Athearn blue box kits were probably the better ones on the market. Back in the early 80's there wasn't a lot of choice like we have today with Accurail, Kadee, Intermountain and others so the choices were rather limited.

With very few east coast equipment on my layout I have been able to find a few Kadee cars at a decent discount and have picked up a few, but they are still lacking. The B&O wagon top will be a good addition. Now I'm going to have to check and see how much room I have available for storage. I don't want to rat hole them away in boxes, but would like to keep them on the layout. With 2 yards available a lot can be lept in them, and with hidden staging tracks, I can park 2 50+ car trains and still have the use of the hidden staging with an additional track available.

Thanks Louis. :D

Milwaukee Road 113

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Good morning gang...

Mil113: Did I read you are looking for a GP7/9 shell? I have an Athearn BB Milwaukee Road shell with handrails that I won't use. Yours if you want it. I weathered it, but it's still good.

Terry in NW Wisconsin

I appreciate the offer, but wouldn't it be a shame if you've weathered it? :D





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Good morning, my, the old thread filled up fast. It's 29° and sunny this morning, and it's going up to 41°. There is still some snow left in places where the sun doesn't shine.

have a great day.


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Good morning, my, the old thread filled up fast. It's 29° and sunny this morning, and it's going up to 41°. There is still some snow left in places where the sun doesn't shine.

have a great day.

Where the sun don't shine???:eek:


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I'm looking at this for a yard tower:
I'd also like to find a diesel fueling station/depot for the yard but have only found 1.

I'm also looking for some light towers for the yard. Any ideas? I prefer LED.
Any ideas? I'm not having much luck searching.
Since I'm on the subject of lights, it's been forever since I've done any lighting. What would I wire them to?
The accessory terminals on the DC cab that I use to power my turnouts?

Think I'll add some more feeder lines for the track today per Carey's suggestion from Saturday's visit.


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I'm looking at this for a yard tower:
I'd also like to find a diesel fueling station/depot for the yard but have only found 1.


It is 24 but we have clear skies and still no snow on the ground, however may get a slushy mix later today.

Big E--Just the tower I thought would look good with your stuff. I saw some yard lights while internet shopping a few days ago, but as usual, I can't remember where.


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That's a nice looking tower. Walthers has a diesel fueling station available. I have one on my layout.

As for lighting, I have a number of building that I have put lighting into. Led lighting was not on the market yet when I lit them and I use a DC power pack, but feed off of the DC to the track. I used a multimeter to set the voltage to about 9 volts. This produces plenty of light and by not running at full voltage, I am hoping for longer life out of the bulbs. Some have been in operation for over 15 years so far. I used a Walther bulb which comes with a mount and is the size of an old barrel fuse that you would have found in older cars and electronic equipment. In the first picture I had a number of bulbs to light the interior, but they were a bit bright and the Walthers kit with 9 volts produced enough light with a single bulb.

Picture 300.jpgTrain Layout 114.jpg

I found these lights on ebay. The ones on the left I will be using in my yard area. They are not LED but I think I got 20 of them for around $10.

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Good morning, everybody.

Bill T ... Thanks for starting the new thread.

Montanan .... I also have thought the B&O wagon top box cars would be nice to add variety. I do have an N&W round top boxcar which is like the pRR round top boxcars. .... Also, you were thinking of driving through here in May. I was just remembering, we do make trips to Ohio and Michigan each year to see family which are typically the last week or two in May. I am not certain yet for this year. Early May should work well.

We're having good Spring weather in the first half of the week which means were are doing outside work. After that we will have poor weather.

Last night, I had a little amount of model railroad time, and I worked on my ore car project for a while.


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The races at Talledega are on May 3 and Oct 25. Nothing is carved into a rock yet as we are waiting for the dates of the bowling tournaments. Reno and Las Vegas are mid summer, but the one in El Paso (yuk) aren't set yet. Too early to tell, but times a wastin'.

I found a wagon top for the B&O on MB Klein and bought it. Thinking about all of the railroad that I don't have cars for makes me think that I could have too many if I were to try to get one for each railroad. Guess some won't be represented.


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Good morning ! It's 65 and getting to the mid 70's.

Montanan- An Ortner Hopper" in FEC would be a good rep. of this RR. I have seen them in CSX and NW. also. Very nice modeling on your part. Between Curt ,Ray,Garry and now you, I feel ashamed to be in such great company. Have never been artistic altho I've tried.

Love seeing what others can do. Awesome!

ERIC- One trick I have learned, when track is dusty or dirty, PUSH your track cleaner car rather than pulling it.

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CSX is a bit too modern for me as I am modeling in the transition era, 1957 to be exact. There are a lot of railroads that I don't have represented for the east coast or southern railroads for that period. Can't get them all, but as soon as I figure out how many more I can handle, I'll probably selectively add some more.
Afternoon, all. 44f with sun and wind.
Planted more trees this morning and repaired a fence. On the layout! LOL!
Mil113: here's a shot of the shell. first attempt at weathering years ago. Free if you (or anyone else) wants it:


Terry in NW Wisconsin


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Got all my new feeder lines hooked and working fine with narry a hitch.
I was just going to do 4 but ended up 10 with a feeder on each yard line as well. Maybe overkill but I was bored and have plenty of wire.

I ordered that yard control tower from MBK and tried finding some yard lights. Gave them a call and they couldn't find any lights for me either.
Any help locating said lights would be appreciated.
I asked about a fueling station saying they only had the one which I'm not terribly interested in so any help with one of those would be extra gravy as well.

I wouldn't mind starting on some ballast work but don't want to buy that over the net. I'd rather get a ride to the LHS so I can put eyeballs on it before I buy.

Sure is nice having the windows open!! Think I'll amble up to the beer store then come back and clean track since Flip mentioned it earlier.


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I guess they would be ok for use in the yard although they are street lights. Wouldn't they?
However all those you list are coming from China. How long would I expect to wait before they get here?
The prices sure are right - that's for sure!

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