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Gomez Addams
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Good morning, and welcome to the new coffee shop. Ignore the fresh paint smell, and grab a cup of your favorite beverage.

D&J RailRoad

Professor of HO
I went into "Blinds Next Day" yesterday to see if they sold blinds I could put over my sliding door system going out to my back deck. Yep, design, color, texture and price was good. Paid for them and signed the contract. They will be ready today. Took all of 5 minutes. Woman wished all her sales were that easy. They also offered military discount.
Mowed the grass at the enterance to my neighborhood yesterday afternoon. My eyes still sting from the grass pollan.
Tomorrow is our MRR open house. I have a new MTH GP38-2 I'll run with some custom load cars.
Just finished my morning 3 mile walk. Sitting here in the garage in the high Virginia humidity trying to cool down.


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Good morning everyone. 67 and slightly foggy, hitting 92 today - near record territory again.

Nothing to report from the train room. Time for coffee and a doughnut. TGIF.

Have a good day everyone.


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Good Morning All. New place looks nice. 75° and sunny here in North Central Texas. Like Ken (D&J), i just got back from my morning walk, except I only go for 1.5 miles and I cool off in the pool. Only got to 94° yesterday, 98° predicted for today. Went for a visit to Home Depot yesterday while out for the grocery trek. Looked at vanities, tile, shower enclosures and faucets. Should have taken Greg's advice and only showed my wife two or three choices. Guess what? We still haven't made any firm decision and the contractor is due Monday.
On the way home, my wife got the hankering for chicken tencers for lunch, so we stopped at a fast food drive thru which I rarely do (fast food or drive thru's). So let's see how smart this young lady is! I ordered eight tenders (some for leftovers today) and an order of fries. Got no catsup for the fries or gravy for the chicken (wife got gravy), but I got ten pieces of chicken. Only got charged for eight. She must have liked the way I looked!!!;)
Hmmmh! This website is off line for the second time this morning, it was off before I went for a walk, as well as for a while yesterday morning. Hasn't happened to me in a few weeks; this is not an issue with my ISP or my computer as every other website is working.
Out in the train shed, I did some more painting and ground cover in my project area and finished the tanker kit that I was working on.

Garry - Great picture of the Santa Fe unit.
Curt - Did you figure out why the LED's were blowing up?
Joe - I took the picture while playing around with the delay function on my new (to me, hand me down from wife) camera. If it had numbers across the bottom it could pass as one taken by the DOC!

Everybody have a great Friday.

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Beach Bum
Good Morning. 67° and foggy. Outlook is for more rain.

Joe - I took the picture while playing around with the delay function on my new (to me, hand me down from wife) camera. If it had numbers across the bottom it could pass as one taken by the DOC!
Willy: Not for nothing, that thought also crossed my mind ;)


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Donuts ? ....... Did I hear donuts ? ........... Okay ! .... I'll have coffee and donuts, please ....... Yum.... Thank you.

Where has Karl been lately ?

Here is a shot of some F-units ....

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D&J RailRoad

Professor of HO
Ken, is the GP38-2 equipped with the DCS/sound, or was it DCC ready?
It has sound installed already. It's the DCS/DCC decoder. I just had to put it on the programming track, paged mode and assign the cab address and off it goes. Good sounding loco. I'll shoot some video of it tomorrow on the club layout.
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Product Tester ACME INC.
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Try not to draw on the "new" walls- I know how model railroaders like to plan.
58 degrees and mostly sunny-low overcast is leaving early this morning. High is supposed to be 80 and the UV Index says EXTREME!

WILLIE -- Have to agree with your "better half" ... not exactly a good picture, but not bad either?
Try again with a not-so-cluttered background.

Spent waaay too much time re-stocking the groceries and freezer yesterday+ spent toooo much $.
Repaired one project thing n the garage and helped neighbor on a project he has going, but did not escape adding more to the list -- one of my yard sprinkler valves has quit working. I detest changing it as it is a PIA to get too and to replace.

Spousal Unit will be staying with her mom until Tuesday, but stopping in a few hours daily for her "hair doing" appointments. Last evening we went to the local grandson's band performance- pretty good for a bunch of 10 YO's ... I was surprised.

PRR Modeler

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Afternoon All,

Did the once monthly 4 grocery store trek. I'm always beat after that. Tomorrow I'm heading out to the LHS and a short visit with my friend Tom. Not sure if we're watching the grandkids this weekend or not. Talked to Phil for a couple of minutes yesterday and he's doing well.

VA Ken- Good luck on your open house.

Garry- Nice looking F units. I bet it was hard to keep them white in real life.

Willie- I messed up the placement of the resistors somehow.

I hope everyone has a good night.


New Member
Happy Friday everyone!

I got to take pictures of a cute train someone brought in yesterday to be fixed up. A Bachmann HO Locomotive.

The buyer doesn't see any hope in it, but I think our guys can get her working again!

How is everyone else doing so far?



Whiskey Merchant
Good afternoon. Checking in quickly to have a cup in the new coffee shop.

Garry - Like the F units. Looks like you may have a herd of them.

Ken D&J - Looking forward to see your video. Always enjoy them.

Curt - Not good when you fry LED's.

After a long day yesterday, we decided to slow down a bit and took a couple of side trips to Mount Rushmore and Deadwood, SD. I normally don't gamble, but left the casino $200 ahead.


It would have been a really long day to get all the way home so we just got into Buffalo, WY and will be having dinner with some friends who used to be on our bowling league before they moved back to Buffalo. They come up to Bozeman from time to time to visit so we thought we would return the favor. Really nice people.

Leaves us about 325 mile from home. With an early start, we should be home by noon. Our son and daughter in law will be happy as they have been house/dog sitting while we were gone. My son was going to mow the lawn, but he said that it had been raining all day today nad was in the 50's. Was in the low 90's in South Dakota. That means I can visit my trains again.

Time to head out for dinner, Later


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aambrosio .... "new member" .... Welcome to the Coffee Shop.

Chet .... The photo of Mt. Rushmore is magnificent ... Its been many years since I saw it. ... Thanks for commenting on my F-units.

Curt ... Thanks for remarking on my photo. The actual color of the CB&Q F-units is very light gray which looks white in photos. They did show the dirt a lot especially in winter months when washing was not done because of freezing weather.

Ken D&J ... I hope the open house goes well, and I'm looking forward too the videos of the GP38-2.

Toot .... Thanks for the spring and hope philosophy. .... I'll remember that.


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Here is one of my two Athearn Genesis GP7’s with sound . I run them as single units for local freight trains . In the photo a short train is leaving a branch line and entering the main line .

I am posting this directly from the iPhone . I hope it works.



Gomez Addams
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Garry, looks like it worked.

Good morning. It's cloudy and 63. The weather has finally become more seasonal here, with the high expected to be 74--the normal high temp.


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Good Saturday Morning to All. 77° and partly cloudy. Only managed to hit 98° yesterday. We're still running about 10 degrees above average for this time of year, not good and the only meager chance of rain is overnight Monday. There is a cold front due tonight which will drop temperatures to the normal range for two days. Thankfully there is the pool in the backyard, which is getting a lot of use...just got out after my morning walk. Spent some time yesterday pickling the remaining beets from the garden. Had some freshly picked squash/onions for supper last night
Out in the train shed yesterday, I skipped working on my project area for a day while I contemplated things. Actually I did add more curtains to the upper story of a Merchant's Row structure so that kinda counts. I spent time cleaning and inspecting about two dozen more freight cars, and vacuumed and cleaned track and layout/structures in a 15' x 2' section of the layout; mostly cleaned up very small spider webs, stray sawdust and ladybug carcasses that accumulated over winter. I did not find any freight car parts along the ROW. However, I did find the car that had lost one of it's parts (a brake wheel) that I had found previously, hooray!

Ken - Have fun at the open house. Hope that it is a success. I'm looking forward to your videos. Been missing them lately. Did you ever get the new editor issues corrected?
Garry - Nice engine pictures, both the Geep and the F units.
Curt - Glad to hear that Phil is doing well. I can relate to the wiring issue in a different way. I returned two florescent fixtures to HD a few years back because they didn't work, only to realize later that I wired them backwards!:( Lost considerable labor and time spent driving 25 miles each way for the return.
Cleric (aambrosio) - Glad that you could make it over to the Coffee Shop. Welcome and have some donuts on me. Interesting little engine that you posted.
Chet - Congratulations on the tournament and your casino winnings. Great Mt Rushmore picture. I bet that you can't wait to see your doorstep.

Everybody have a great day and an awesome weekend.


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