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Same Ol' Buzzard
Chet - The photos that you are trying to upload are just too darn big. I read either here or on a thread somewhere else that you're trying to upload one that's 3.14 Mb in size! As I posted last week, it appears that 2 Mb is about the biggest. It seems that your issues came about when you got a new phone that came from the factory, that's set to take pictures at the highest resolution. No need for that unless you're going for exhibition quality. There should be a setting in it somewhere that allows you to reduce that resolution when you take the pictures. If not, then you have to download them to a computer and reduce or resize them before posting. As you see, I have not had any issues posting the museum pictures, the ones that I take with my personal camera are already sized correctly. Those taken with my wife's phone or her camera I have to resize. You're not having issues with the rail photos because they're already sized right.


EDIT: Maybe it's not your phone as I just read on the other thread that you took the picture with your old one. I also looked at some pictures that you posted last summer and they are all below 1 MB.

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"retired" conductor
More experimentation:


This resizing pics from my phone is a p.i.a.! :eek:


Section Hand
Home from the cabin. Drove in heavy rain for an hour and half. Ordered a Chinese food delivery and it will be a two wait time....! Must be delivery via Con Rail!

Wife's flight from AZ. is delayed...she will be home at 2:00 AM.

I got out bid on EBay for two items and the final price for one item was almost regular retail and way above a reasonable price for the second item. Bidding started out low and then a bidding war started.

Relax tomorrow and then Tuesday is train day.

Good night all.

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Curse You, Red Baron!
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I got out bid on EBay for two items and the final price for one item was almost regular retail and way above a reasonable price for the second item. Bidding started out low and then a bidding war started.

I wish that would happen to me on the selling end! Maybe I need sell-able stuff and not junk!


Curse You, Red Baron!
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KARL Chet's photos can be made almost rivet counter size by "clicking" on them a couple times. Your do not? Keep working at it!


Whiskey Merchant
Sherrie, I posted three sets of photos on Bob's post of the same scenes with different photos settings. I prefer the ones on the right as they are a bit wider. I just used the tool bar on the top.

I'll just have to keep trying different settings.

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Curse You, Red Baron!
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BRUCE: aka New Guy!

This sent to me from wife's friend who was really suffering from the Shingles!
She said the pain was real and that she had a hard time just trying to breathe.

She said that this "did" help her!

Shared via the Google app
The name of the drug is Gabapentin. The brand name and what I took is Neurontin.
Hope this helps! Judy
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Good evening Shop Dwellers, what an insane weekend this has been!

First, our washing machine stopped spinning/agitating, so I had to cart loads of laundry over to my daughter’s house to use her machine. Got my son [the mechanically-talented one in the family] to come over and examine it, and he found the failed part but has to wait until Monday to buy the replacement part. Next, I had to make a trip to the county “recycling center” (alias for dump) with a bunch of large boxes and a dead inkjet printer in addition to my usual Saturday errands and chores. So no quality time on mrr activities.

Saturday evening I was getting ready to respond to Curt’s request about an overall view of my old layout – and I discovered that all of my image files of it on my C: drive were corrupted! Luckily I still have access to my old PhotoBucket account so I was able to rescue most of them from there, though I was continually having to zap away the pop-up ads.

I also had an epiphany about why I’ve been feeling so exhausted over the past 10 months: The culprit is one of my blood pressure meds, Clonadine. Since I lost 15 lbs from exercising, my body didn’t need the Clonadine anymore - so its side effects of drowsiness and tiredness were amplified. Saturday morning was my last dose, and I started having mild withdrawal symptoms this morning; but my BP was still in the safe range (136/68) so I’ve decided to tough it out, I want all that shit OUT of my system! Maybe now I’ll have more energy to get stuff done in the trainroom.

Garry – great photos of National Steel! I went on a bus tour of that facility with the Railroad Industries SIG in April 2003, but they didn’t allow us to shoot any photos [for fear of potential adverse publicity]. My favorite part of the tour was watching a huge CAT front-end loader shoveling still-red-hot chunks of slag into an over-the-road dump truck.

Curt – thanks for the comment on my Avery Street photo! Since the old layout filled all the empty space in my garage, it was impossible for me to photograph a complete overall view of the layout. But I’ve got the next-best thing, a GIF image of the track plan that can be viewed at:

I don’t want to post an inline image since it’s not something I’m particularly proud of – it was part of a painful learning experience!:rolleyes:

Chet – I’m glad you finally found a way to get you photos to successfully display on the forum, even though the resizing process seems like a PITA!

Sorry if I missed anybody but I gotta go now, I've been at the ‘puter for too long rescuing my pee-bucket image files and I’m getting a headache. Hope you all had a great weekend.


Same Ol' Buzzard
Good Morning All. 51° and clear today, going up to over 80° later today. Interesting weather pattern emerging for our area, with tomorrow and Wednesday's highs around 70°, 85° on Thursday then 60° on Friday and Saturday. Caught up on housework yesterday since it was wet outside from the rain and I wasn't home to do any on Saturday. Laundry never seems to stop no matter what! Good day for burning the "burn" trash.
Trainwise about all I did was run them. Sundays are abbreviated days due to church and related socialization and there were other things to deal with.

Thanks everybody for the comments on the various museum photos from the past week. I would probably miss someone if I did so individually, so thanks to all.

Garry - Yes, the Atlas lumber yard! I think that we all have one (I do) and I see them on almost every layout that I view. One day I might take a picture of mine and post it. I liked seeing how they (and others) use the same structure kits that I have to personalize their layouts. In that picture with the lumberyard, I have at least five of the other structures that they have. Some of mine are in locations that I have not "planted" yet so seeing how others use them gives me ideas. Very similar to viewing pictures from your (and Chet's) layout. I do like your setting in your lumberyard photo.
Sherrel - Regarding the museum pictures that I posted yesterday, did you notice the crop-duster flying over that field in the first one? It is a little hard to discern.
Chet - I have always liked that scene of your lumberyard and supply store. Lots of action.
Karl - Nice photo of the WM power. I see that it got a rise out of Justin!
Ken in Md - Interesting epiphany regarding the clonidine and it's side effects on you. I take it as well; it's just one of my BP medications and it seems to be the most effective. While I have experienced some of the other side effects, drowsiness and fatigue don't seem to be an issue with me. Or maybe they are which keeps me from exercising more, although I have lost 15 pounds since January. I would like to lose about 25 more and then I could stop taking most of them.

Today's pictures are still in the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum.

That's it for this morning. Everybody have a great day.



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Good morning everyone. It's 42 and clear in SW MO, hitting 66 today. They're saying 35 tomorrow night, and 30 Friday night. Winter is knocking on the door. I'll need a cup of BlackBeard's Revenge and a chocolate croissant, please, Flo!! We got almost an inch and a half of rain over the weekend - much needed here.

Had the family over for Sunday dinner and had a good time running the trains and thinking about some new businesses for the layout.

Willie - I'm sure you've been to the Dr. Pepper bottling plant in Dublin, TX? There they use cane sugar and not high fructose corn syrup for the sweetener - man is that stuff good!!!
Sherrel, BeachBum, Chet, others - Yeah - Dem Bums gonna win dah Series!!
BeachBum - It's a New York thing with me, too - I've been an LA fan ever since da Bums left NY in '57.
Chet - love that woodie in your photo post yesterday

In the train room - building another mountain and working on a rural overpass and a small workshop kit build. Most of my time is in the wood shop finishing a bunch of items for next week's craft fair.

Have a good day everyone.


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Here's a couple of photos of my modeling workbench:

Modeling workbench 2 Oct 2017.jpgModeling workbench 1 Oct 2017.jpg

Okay - not as messy as the ones some of you guys have posted, but I'm proud of this mess!


Whiskey Merchant
Good morning. 45 degrees to start off the day. The wind has finally subsided. It was gusting so bad the the Department of Transportation closed interstate 90 through Livingston with some gusts up into the 80 mph range. Vehicles had to detour through town. Not as bed here. One good thing is that all of the leaves that fell off the trees are probably three counties away.

Ken in MD
- That's a nice photo. Brass I assume. Nice looking locomotive. Would fit right into my fleet of steamers. Mikes are the largest steamers that are run.

Greg - Probably sleeping in having to pick up his wife at 0200. Did save some $$$ by being out bid on ebay. Can't count how many times I have seen items bit up to retail price of above. I usually go to ebay as a last resort if I can't find what I need.

Bruce - Hope Sherrel's post can help you.

Willie -
Nice photos. They got some nice detail work in those pictures.

Johnny - You just don't have enough projects going at the same time. I don't call my work bench messy, I call it busy.

After playing around with the camera settings on the phone, I set the resolution and photos size to the lowest settings and was able to download then with the icon in the bar above. Here's what I came up with.

thumbnail_20171022_164731.jpg thumbnail_20171022_164835.jpg

I think I will stick with the setting for the photo on the right as it seems to be a wider angle photo. Got the new Oxford Chevy Nomad in red as well as the 55 Buick in coral and white by the way.

Here's the rails photo for the day.




Your phone might have an editing program that can save them as lower resolution for the web. If so, I suggest taking them at full res, but then exporting them at the lower file size. Depends on your phone's options.


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Good morning, everybody !

Ken (MD) .... Now, I am remembering we talked about National Steel before. ... It is a huge steel mill.

Willie ... I like your latest group of photos. Lots of buildings.

Chet .... Your Chevy dealer has an impressive inventory. Looks like a good place to kick tires.

Johnny ... Work table looks "busy" (Chet's word) .

Bob ... Thanks for helping with photos. I Might try your method. Currently, I am working with Flickr, and and can pictures with it. ... As long as I'm thanking you, I sincerely appreciate your hosting the forum.

Everybody ... Have a nice Monday.


Whiskey Merchant
I could try to figure out how to do that I guess. I am still getting used to this new phone and feel that I am lucky to have gotten this far. The resolution doesn't look too bad on these photos. The size is now 2880x2160. I don't see any way to change the resolution on the phone.


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Could it be that the only function for downsizing pictures to those resolutions in the phone is for emails?

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