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GNRR Mechanic always fixing stuff
(Patrick: No criticism of your breakfast order intended, I just saw corned beef hash and

Boris: It's all good. I haven't had scrapple in a very long while and no place local has it. So I gots to eat what I can get... 😄

Well, was busy this morning trying to hack the firewall. Ended up wiping the machine and restoring\reloading from backup (thank goodness for cloud backups). Trying to setup a new failover for the internet and blew it up....


Living in Dreamland; not the Dream
Well, my day in court for that ticket went well this morning:

Just kidding!

They set the ticket matters aside again, due to the ongoing covid thing. My case dosen't come up again until October. So they had better send me a letter with a date. - That gives me another 6 months to take more photos down at the tracks, and play stupid if I'm stopped again.

Gonna have a nap, and then perhaps do some more on the boat. It's still fairly cool outside.


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Been off the puker for a while- only 12 pages behind.

GARRY- Spoke to CURT the day after you asked me to He appreciates all the prayers and well wishes from all here.
I see a new doctor Friday morning.Some internal problem-will find out what.
Prayers for all and best wishes,


Living in Dreamland; not the Dream
Sherrel - I haven't said anything yet, but I was down at the CN staging area a week ago. There was that same CN cop parked in his cruiser at the far end of the yard. I didn't want to get close to him, but, I could tell he was sound asleep in the car, taking in the sun. - Frankly, I'm still kicking myself in the rump because I didn't sneak up on him and take a photo with him snoring on the job.

I'm certain the only reason he gave me that first ticket was to justify his employment. Perhaps he has to meet a quota. I don't think he has a-lot to do in this small town. Certainly, I'm the only one I've ever heard of getting a ticket by the CN police in this area.

Here's a photo I took in that staging area:
04-15-2021 (31).JPG

You can't see him in the photo, but, that cop is sleeping in his car way down at the other end of that yard. - Good for him, I say!


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I've noticed that I do not have the stamina I had a year ago, so I had a two hour nap when I got home. My wife reminded me that being 75 might have something to do with my stamina.

Mikey :I assume you told her you had exactly the same problem when you were 6 months old , so age has nothing to do with it ?

Well I can hear the thunderstoms but radar shows it about 150 miles out.

Jaz avalley

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Trees, we all need them on the layout...unless your doing sand dunes lol, even an oasis needs a few....and a scorched earth needs them, dead maybe but they are there not so lol...grins
I blame Harry Potter for my tree escapades I needed a whomping willow,
ancient beeches have raised roots,
lichen shows the wind direction so only one side
i use finer and finer wire saves on layers of ‘painting’
the bigger ones I use reference photos

Ash Pit

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If you need someone to misplace a tool. I'm your guy. So today I decided to do something about it.

View attachment 127439

NYC-George, I used one of these bucket tool cadies when I was doing Marine Survey work, it was a wonderful organizer! Can't see you using the Box Wrenches much for model railroading; but then, I don't know what scale you model in.

Flo, Lots of coffee, Flap Jacks and Bacon!



GNRR Mechanic always fixing stuff
Morning all,

Currently partly cloudy and 57°. Supposed to be sunny and a high in the upper 70's.

Not much in my world today. Not touching the firewall for a bit. I've gotta do more reading on the rule I need recreate. I was able to edit part of the equation, which it the switch part. It monitors a particular port to see if it is alive. The actual rule is supposed to move internet to our other site if we lose our city hall internet. I'll get it.

I have time, so I'll have what Ash Pit's having. Thanks Flo!

Jaz: Love the whomping willow. The Anglia is a nice touch! My grandson started reading the Harry Potter books in 3rd grade. He tried to get the first one from the school library and was told he was too young by the librarian. He found his mom's copy and read it and took the reading test at school. He aced it, and the librarian decided he's a good enough reader to read anything in the school library. He's now in 5th grade and doing quite well. His mom limited him due to his maturity to the 4th book until next year.


Same Ol' Buzzard
Good Morning All. Light rain and 65°. Rained all day yesterday and most of last night. There appears to be 1.5" in the gauge, a little flooding as of right now in the usual low spots. It's expected to continue all day long, radar doesn't show anything heavy right now. We are under a flash flood watch, but that normally doesn't affect me, as long as I stay home. It will be interesting to see the Corps of Engineers lake across the road after the sun comes out. Tornado warnings and baseball sized hail hit the Ft Worth area about 60 miles south of us last night. We were just outside the warning zone. That weather has moved NE toward Little Rock and probably Memphis. It looks like it stretches beyond Ohio.
Getting ready to head out on the weekly grocery/beer trek this morning. Wife actually wants to go to Home Depot!!! I spent some time yesterday morning freezing some containers full of spinach from the garden. It takes a lot of raw spinach to make up a dual serving container. I made three. With the cooler temperatures coming up, only one day above 75° in the next week, my harvest will be extended for a while longer. Spinach bolts and goes to seed once temps stay above 80° for more than a day or two.
Bummer of a day yesterday, as a momentary power failure knocked out the computer again. Spent an hour on the phone with an HP tech in The Philippines, and we parted just before things were finished. Then the power went off again and I had to start over, but this time I had written down the steps which saved some time. This is getting to be a real drag. He said that it was a Win10 issue and I agree since I can get the HP part of things going immediately. He also explained that you cannot reload Win10 without erasing all of your data, unlike previous versions of Windows. Fortunately I had done a data backup Sunday night so I didn't really lose a lot. Of course then there was the hassle of reloading programs like Firefox, AdBlock and AVG anti-virus programs. And then turning off all of the Win10 default garbage. It took almost an hour to reload my files from the backup. I still need to download Open Office and shut off Microsoft Office and all of their other propriety software. Now I just have to contend with adding words back into my dictionary. It was a pretty much wasted day.

How about a stack of blueberry pancakes and an equal sized stack of sausage patties for me this morning Flo.

Thanks for all of the likes yesterday regarding my layout progress; Sherrel, Rick, Chad, Justin, Garry, Hughie, Patrick, Tom O, Guy, Karl, Gary, Jaz, Tom, Joe, James.

I did actually make it out to the train shed yesterday despite the setback on the computer. I wasn't out there for very long, as there was a break in the rain and I grilled burgers.
The only actual project work that I did was to add more ground foam to the corner lot. Not much, but every little bit helps towards the finish line.

A little sloppy looking when I took the picture. I did also finish cleaning the track in the quarterly clean-up, a bit late because I have been doing various structures since starting. That last section that is part of this project goes from the horse farm (with drive-in in the background) to the next passing siding. All that's in this area is the Red River Valley Feed & Seed Co.,



The grain mill is an early American Model Builders kit, made from styrene before they switched over to laser-cut wood. The small structure out back is a cardstock structure that was a free download from an outfit unknown. The shack out front came from LifeLike, or Bachmann in a train set from the 80's.

Guy - Boat is coming along well.
Joe - I'd argue with you on whether scrapple is better than corned beef hash. But it is certainly better than Spam. Scrapple isn't really available around here. Now Rocky Mountain Oysters on the other hand, are.
Mikey - I want to say that Tyco made that house kit. But it is a house kit, not the hardware store that looks similar. I should look at the bottom to see if anything is embossed there.

Everybody have a great day. keep it safe out there.


"retired" conductor
Karl -Thanks for the info on the kit. I will keep my eyes open at the train shows for the old kits.

Update. This kit was marketed 1st by Tyco (As Aunt Millie's House), Walthers as a boarding house, also by Pola as a boarding house and by Model Power.

The Model Power kit is the only one without an upstairs porch in front, but I'm sure they all can be modified to not have it. I believe that's what Willie did, after I noticed a slight gap under the center upstairs window.


Living in Dreamland; not the Dream
Good Morning!
It's going to warm up around here, for a couple of days anyway. Right now it's 33°F with light showers happening.
The wife is on my back to install the new home entrance doors we purchased in the city the other day. She's been bugging me for a new storm door and insulated entrance for a very long time. I've been holding off, as I don't see anything wrong with the existing doors. So what if they are hard to open.

I didn't get much time on the little boat project yesterday. Just got a roof put onto the cabin; so not enough to warrant a photo.

Thanks for all the likes and comments on the boat posts.

Sometimes, if I like a photo that I take well enough, I'll have it blown up to 11x14, frame it, and put it up on the picture wall above my computer desk. I only do that to photos that I really like. They'll stay on the wall until I get tired of them; then I'll change them out for a better photo. You probably recognize a couple of the photos from my posting in here over the last year:

I don't put a-lot of photos on that wall; just the ones I like enough. They seem to give me some motivation to get on with modeling.

Jaz avalley - Nice job on the various tree styles. I like them all. Well done!

Willie - I really like the Co-op grain elevator. Good job on that! - I do have an unbuilt Campbell kit that I bought second hand. Think I was suckered, though. I don't believe the kit is complete. - It's got some wonderful elevator plans in it, though.

That's all I have for today. See you on some other morning when I have something to post.
Have a good one!


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Good morning from home in So. Central Wisconsin. Flo, I would like an English Muffin with some ham and cheese grilled, some American fries and a diet Pepper. Thank you. I have to hit the grocery store this morning. Nothing really a lot to eat and no milk for the cereal I have!

guy, I am glad you didn’t stalk the CN guy. You know even being a jerk about it, he was doing his job when you got the ticket. I agree with you this is all excessive and can’t believe you went to the courthouse and they cancelled you but didn’t dump the ticket. Is there a way to settle this outside of court?

Willie, thank for today’s series of pictures. The fence and the horses along the edge of the layout is a great use of space. My wife is a horse loving person with six of them. I have been looking for a way to honor her hobby. It’s also the reason I never have an issue spending if I want on the layout. Horses are not cheap

jazA, the trees are great. The books were great as were IMO the movies. You caught the feel with those trees.

to all, good stories, health issues, great pictures. For those personally or with family members having health issues, please stay positive and follow the doctors and their orders.

The brother is awake and hitting golf balls into the simulator. The son has his alarm set for 9:30am. The plan is they fly around noon heading to Austin.





Curse You, Red Baron!
Staff member
Short post as I have to take the RV down to get the wiring redone. It was running rough when I drove it into town last evening.
The Spousal Unit has returned - good thing as I was getting tired of cooking ... then we went out for dinner - go figure!

JAZ, Willie, GUY, TomO ..... Really like the photos -- great work!



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Good morning ........

GUY - I would have seriously considered moving that "Men At Work" sign next to the sleeping cop and then took the photo!

Sherrel ..... I hope the gum cop does not awaken while Guy is doing that. ..... LOL

Willie ..... You are doing a great job with your scenery. Do you like usimnhg your Tidy Track ?

Jaz ....Thanks for showing how you make trees.

Tom O ..... Your industry is very impressive. That's a lot of sawdust.

Everybody ..... Have a nice day.
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