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Troy: When I smoke meat, I always let it come close to room temperature before setting it in the smoker. It produces better results.
You are correct that when it hits about the 160° mark, the water in the meat starts to turn to steam and actually slows the meats temperature rise due to evaporation (similar to sweat). Some people use what they call "The Texas Crutch". Wrap it in aluminum foil or butcher paper at about 160 and let it finish. This also helps keep some of the moisture in the meat. Of course I use a water pan in my smoker which helps as well. I don't know if that's an option with the kamado style unit you have. I will say I haven't done as much this past 12-18 months as I'd like.

When I came back from my December trip, I brought back my parent's Portable Kitchen grill\smoker. My brother and I bought it with our paper route money for one of their anniversaries while I was in HS. (I started my freshman year in Kansas). I need to get it fixed properly as over the years the bolts failed along with the fire grate. Dad has some odd bolts in it that need to be replaced. The wife thinks I need to pass it down to the boy who will need a grill. I will probably do that but not before I use it once I get it "restored". Since it's cast aluminum, it won't get painted and it won't rust (except for the wrong bolts). Supposed to be pretty close to a kamado style grill\smoker due to the thickness of the metal.
Get stainless steel #316 grade, marine quality bolts/nuts. They won't corrode or chemically interact with the alloy either. Galvanized will.


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If you need someone to misplace a tool. I'm your guy. So today I decided to do something about it.

View attachment 127439
Oh! You should not have done that. I can't tell you of the amount of stuff I have that should have stayed where it was when I first put it down after buying it. Can always remember where that was when looking for it. Putting it where it will be "better" or "safer' guarantees rarely finding it again.


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I cant remember the last time i posted in here. Ive been lurking around just havent had much to say. Ive been at it though in the la yuh out world. Roads are taped off. Just need to get the plaster down. Ive made a few purchases to improve on the layout. Atleast get it a little more era appropriate. Otherwise nothing much has changed. Ive taken a good break from actually working on the layout. I felt like i was starting to burn out. So ive been running the layout and adding stuff as ive seen fit. Ill leave off here with some items ive purchased.

Can never go wrong with getting more helpful information. Some books i purchased from the c&o historical society.

Another GP9. This will be numbered 6041. It sported its original striped paint into the chessie era. Not to mention it worked out of my backyard on the nf&g railroad.

And as always. More hoppers for the fleet! These are c&o historical society special runs. Upgraded these with kadee couplers and metal wheels. Decent kits to put together as well.

Last but not least. Some era appropriate vehicles. The late 70s early 80s vehicles i had just wouldnt work for what im trying to model.
Thats all i have for now. Everyone have a good night.


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Morning all,

Well, since my prediction for snow was as accurate as the prediction for snow, I'm going out on a limb and predict sunny and cold. Weather guys are sticking with storms and rain.

Time for coffee and double corned beef hash before heading to the office. BBL


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Good Morning!
A skiff of snow on the ground this morning with the thermometer reading 25°F. It's supposed to warm up, though.

I'll be heading downtown to the courthouse soon. Supposed to have the trial for that $600.00 CN ticket (read 'extortion') I got last October. I've put together a file of items for my defense, and expect to do alright if they even have a trial. The Covid thing has messed it up good. This matter should have been dealt with months ago.

I'll just leave a photo of the little bit I did on the boat yesterday, and then I gotta go.
I filled in all the seam lines and unwanted holes as best I could, and completed the frame work of the cabin. In the photo, the parts are just sitting unglued. I'll build some more and put some paint on it before I glue it all together:
Boat_04-27-2021 (2).jpg

I can't find a properly scaled prop for it; even the 1:144 prop I have in stock looks too big and out of place. So it will have to go without for now.

Anyway, I gotta go! Have a good one!


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Good mornin' y'all. Sunny and warm this morning, 66 going to 84...a taste of summer.

Most folks who try it either love it or hate it.

Scrapple, is so much better than Corned Beef hash or Spam...(the canned meat, not the junk mail)...but, it has to be fried just right. The only two places that sell Habbersett, around here are Walmart and the Acme. I usually get a package once a month, and fry it all at once, then reheat it on subsequent days. Taylor ham is easier to prepare, and more common. (Patrick: No criticism of your breakfast order intended, I just saw corned beef hash and added it as a comparison to my preference).

Guy: I like the progress on your boat. Good luck in court...

Have not spent much time in the trainroom. I actually watched about 6 innings worth of the Cubbies @ Atlanta...Based on the maskless crowd in attendance, they must not have any Covid problems in Atlanta...

have a great day.


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The first five days after the weekend are the hardest!
Morning from out here ... From 63 degrees yesterday to 82 for a high today with only sun in the forecast - winter seems on it's way out.

GUY - Here's wishing the better outcome on your court appearance.
I like the little boat - I know that with your modeling skill that it will look great.

CHESSIE -- That's quite a haul .. I like the Geep 7 (sorry, 9) and the auto yard has some great models in it.
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Good morning from North Central Wisconsin. Talked to my friend yesterday and into the evening. My brother is in another meeting already this morning. When he’s done my son will fly us home to So. Central Wisconsin. They will overnight and both are going to Austin tomorrow. I try not to image the trouble those two will get into. They are much closer as uncle and nephew then my brother and I are. Their biggest difference is still politics. Brian is still like his mom, very liberal. My brother stopped being extremely liberal when he purchased his 1st business in 1988, and now is far on the other spectrum. Interesting listen to them, sometimes.

My daughter called me last night and asked what I told her hubby. I asked why? She said he hasn’t left his office since Monday except to sleep and eat. Nothing secret but I want to review the property books, his vineyard expenses and the greenhouse expenses. She said but you guys talk all the time, said yep, just wanted to rile him up, sounds like I succeed. She laughed. I figure if Terry really wants to spend the majority of our time in the Islands, I have to know if the SIL can handle everything including the books. The daughter is handling the property management for almost a year without our help, but Terry and I have been looking at the books Monthly.

Trains, can’t wait to get to my workbench. This is the way I left it. Have a great day.


Comedian Rodney Dangerfield said, "I told my psychiatrist that everyone hates me. He said I was being ridiculous - everyone has not met me yet."

I spent a couple hours at my SIL's house yesterday helping unload SOME fresh cut lumber for the 16' x 20' storage shed we are building. A one-man saw mill is providing the lumber cut to actual 2" x 4" dimensions (easier for him to cut) for about 40% of Lowes prices. The 5/4 decking is 1-1/4 " thick x 12" wide x 16' long with 50% water content. Each board weighs about 70 pounds now until it dries out some more. After the frame is completed, I'll get my two teenage grandsons to wrestle in place the 20 boards needed for the decking.
I've noticed that I do not have the stamina I had a year ago, so I had a two hour nap when I got home. My wife reminded me that being 75 might have something to do with my stamina.
I may have to go again today to help unload the 1 x 12 x 8 board and batten lumber for the wall siding. I foresee another afternoon nap.


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Good Morning All. Cloudy and 70° with a hint of mist in the air. It sprinkled lightly off and on overnight, leaving me with 0.10" in the gauge. The forecast is for more than 1.5" in the next 24 hours. I can hear thunder but so far the heavier stuff seems to be just barely north of me. But one can never tell about these spring time storms. Despite the rain, the high for today is expected to be 79°. I never did get to mowing yesterday, the SW portion of the yard is looking like a weedy hayfield. Oh well! It won't be the first time, I'll just have to raise the mower deck higher for the next go-around.
Local news this week is all about the nearest "real" grocery store that is shutting down after many years. We have used them sporadically for 45 years and they were there probably since the early 60's before then. This is not a small place, probably close to 75,000 sq ft. But progress is forcing them out of business. Out front on the east side, the state is widening IH35 from four lanes to eight lanes, commandeering much of their parking lot there. On the north side, the state is widening a state road from two lane to four lane plus a left turn lane, which will take most of the remainder of their parking lot. The state has already bought three gas stations on the remaining corners; two have shut down so far. There doesn't seem to be a replacement in the works.
From the grocery store in the back yard, I am set up to freeze some containers full of freshly picked spinach today. Due to our local heat, it has a very short growing season here, so it's get it in, get it out and freeze it.

Sausage, biscuits and Southern cream gravy for me this morning Flo. And a tall glass of OJ to wash it down with.

Thanks for the likes regarding yesterday's progress post, Patrick, Chad, James, Sherrel, Karl, Hughie, Garry, Rick, Tom O, Justin, Jaz, Guy, Tom, Jerry, Joe.

Spent most of my time in the train shed working on Tommy's parents home landscape. After measuring and lining out the fence, I drilled 20 or so .060" holes for the fence posts. Then I test-fit to ensure that they were all accurate.


All is OK so far except that I am just slightly wide on the right side of the pole directly beneath the right edge of the green house. A little extra shrubbery will do.

Of course the house blocks that viewpoint quite nicely.
Here's everything removed and my post hole markers in position.

Initial application of ground cover, pending final location of the tree house.

I also did the driveway so it would dry overnight and not get smeared around while I did other parts.

Patrick - For more than 40 years, I got up at 4:00, before the alarm which was set for 4:20. Now, even after 5.5 years of retirement, I still get up at between 4:00 and 4:30! Fortunately I like this time of day so it doesn't bother me. Going to bed at 8:30 or 9:00 doesn't bother me either since I don't waste any of my time watching TV.
Joe - No frog juicers here so I cannot help.
Tom O - Hoping that you arrive home safely. Like you, I enjoy grilling year-round, except during rain. My porch is not covered, but that will change this summer when I build a new covered one. At least that's the plan.
Hughie - Plenty of overpasses in Austin, maybe they're just getting too crowded

I forgot to post this here, although I posted it over on the RPO thread. Saturday, I pre-ordered four more Santa Fe Dash9-44CW locomotives for delivery in the fall. They will join the two that I already have and I will retire some 80's model Athearn Blue Box locos.

Everybody have a great day. Stay dry and be safe.


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A quick good morning. Finally warming up.

We had some friends from Florida show up last Thursday for a visit and we have been busy doing tourist things. Unfortunately, many places are not open yet. They just started clearing the road over the Beartooth highway last week and Yellowstone Park still isn't open. There is still a lot to do. Taking off to the Museum of the Rockies in a few minutes.

Sorry, gotta run. One quick photo.

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