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Gomez Addams
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Good morning. It's cloudy and 51.

Gary, have you thought about getting professional help with the design of your layout? Give them the size of the room, what you want to see on your railroad, and how many people will be running it, and see what they come up with? After they design it, you can build it.


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Good morning All!

Gary - - well done! Gorgeous piece of craftsmanship!!

Day went quite well, yesterday. Ate breakfast with a buddy from the VFW; funeral went very well. Got home for lunch and a nap. Then went to Arboretum with the bikes. The Tulips are stunning. Then back home for a whisky, brats on the grill (Weber) and dinner outside. Beautiful evening here in the northlands.

Today: church and then my wife is meeting our daughters for lunch. I plan to finish laying out the Walthers TT and RH and maybe cut a big hole! I think I will wait until tomorrow to go to Home Depot for the hardboard fascia, as I need them to cut it to widths. Alas, I have no transport ability for 4x8s.

Until later! ----Steve


GNRR Mechanic always fixing stuff
Morning all,

Stormy this morning in Doo-Dah. Nothing severe.

Got the telescope out last night when the grandkids showed up. We were going to look at the sun, but it went behind the trees. Yes, I have a solar filter. Did get a nice clear shot of the cresent moon. Too many clouds as storms were moving in.


Same Ol' Buzzard
Good Morning All. Cloudy and 69°, going up to 70° today...not much of a rise! Expecting 1.5" of rain today although by the looks of the radar, something more significant will have to develop. That's entirely possible with our spring weather. NWS is still predicting 6" of rain over the next six days, they removed the rain from the forecast next Sunday and Monday though. Meanwhile I got another 1.25 acres mowed yesterday, a tougher area because of the obstacles, firewood piles, pool, trees and lawn furniture! It's also heavier because of the septic system and lateral lines.

A lazy Sunday morning in the works for me Flo. I'll take Eggs Benedict and a tall OJ for breakfast this morning. Tell Mel to use Taylor Ham instead of Canadian Bacon today. Wait, today is National Mimosa Day, give me one of those as well as the OJ.

Thanks for the likes and comments regarding yesterday's post; Steve, Patrick, Guy, Karl, Tom O, Garry, Sherrel, Hughie, Tom, Ken, Jaz, Gary, Justin.

Yesterday was exploratory day in the train shed. I unpacked the Bachmann City Scenes Savings & Loan and inspected all of the parts as well as reading the instructions. No assembly yet. I also explored the layout looking for the next spot to add scenery or detailing to. No firm decision yet as I was also running trains at the same time. You know, I could get a lot more scenery work done on the layout if I wasn't running trains as much!!!
I am also running out of ideas regarding what pictures to post when I don't have any project pictures to show. Then I ran across these shots of a Walther's structure called Our House.
08-20-18 001.JPG

08-20-18 002.JPG

08-20-18 003.JPG

08-20-18 004.JPG

08-20-18 005.JPG
08-20-18 006.JPG
08-20-18 007.JPG

It hasn't been placed on the layout yet, as it will be used to represent our beach house on the Gulf Coast. I know where I am going to locate the whole scene, but it is in front of a wall that has yet to be covered, since I still have to do some electrical work there.

Steve - I do not have a turntable so I really can't respond, but I have read over the years that some Walther's turntable models can be finicky. I never paid attention to which model numbers people were referencing.
Patrick - Don't dismay, the weather geeks have only been close to correct here about 20% of the time over the past year. That's worse than baseball players! That is discounting the "hot and dry" that even a six-year old can forecast for July -September.
Tom O - Sad to see part of the layout "biting the dust". I am looking forward to the new additions.
Tom - The right tool for the job. Nice looking JD.
Terry - At least the chicken adventure worked out in your favor. Recently I ordered a medium rare 16 oz prime rib at Outback, which came out medium. Manager brought out a correctly cooked one, and I took the no charge overdone one home in a to go box "for the dogs". Used it for stir-fry dinners a couple of times.
Gary - Bed really turned out well.

Today is National Barbecue Day, an ambiguous day at best. Barbecue properly used is a noun for (but not limited to) food like brisket, pulled pork or sausage. Many people incorrectly use the word barbecue as a verb that encompasses grilling, smoking or otherwise cooking food over an open fire. So whatever you take it to mean, have a Mimosa or two, in my case beer. and enjoy some outdoor cooking today.
Everybody have a great Sunday. Support your local church and be safe.


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Good morning from gloomy looking Wisconsin where the temperature will climb into the 70’s and the weather TV lady claims the sun will show up after 1.

Terry, I am sorry about the adventures of fried chicken. You and the wife have had little luck this year and I sort of read it with a good bit of humor. Your frustration has finally boiled over and maybe that is good for you.

Gary, that bed looked great.

Today we will attend the first of 3 soccer (football for JazA) matches for the 7 year old grandson. He leads a league of 10 year olds in goals and is second to another 7 year old on his team in assists. Per his mom and dad the older 10 year olds have accepted the 2-7 year olds, winning solves all problems in sport. They are like 30-1 in league matches and 8-4 in out of league matches with all the loses out of league being in a 12 year old tourney. Between ice hockey and his soccer I think he is being pushed too hard. Of course the daughter and SIL don’t agree. His hockey coaches who will follow him until high school all teach in his school. My daughter is the director of skating for the Ice Arena. His 3 women soccer coaches also are teachers with the head coach being his current 1st grade teacher. The soccer coaches will stay in the age groups they coach unlike the hockey that move their coaches as that age group grows.

Still no idea what I am doing in the train room. We will be in Texas for the end of May and 2 or 3 weeks in June. I have on my IPadPro the room dimensions and will work on it while on the road. We start the travel on Tuesday after Memorial Day. Enjoy your day.





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Good morning ....

Willie ..... It's hard to keep up with you, but keep on posting your excellent work. I like the house very much.

Tom O ..... I see the beginnings of a large grain elevator .Good work so far.

My current project: ..... I'm making coke loads for my six coke cars. For several years, I have been running empty coke hoppers from the coke oven to the blast furnace. Of course, empty cars are correct for the return move, but they need loads going to the blast furnace.

Leaving for church soon. .....

Everybody: .... Have a good Sunday.


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Between the rain, I got the stuff out of the bottom of the pool, chlorine levels still good, and still no leaks, but with the rain, it's hard to tell.

Tomatoes that were damaged are sprouting new branches, so they may be ok. I'm still going to try a couple of the volunteers to see if I can get bonus tomatoes. Still need to the second round of fertilizer spread.


Curse You, Red Baron!
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Morning All -- Have been feverously trying to catch up with all the posts I am behind in reading and looking at. Gary - That bed frame is awesome, a really beautiful work!
Seriously like that house in this mornings missal!

Flo - (as my father used to say: (Gimmie a large coffee with a little cream on the side ) -- I used to correct him all the time but nothing stuck; I would say DAD - ask nicely - say PLEASE - to which he would respond OK - PLEASE, Gimmie ------! I Loved that man! Every person in the extended family thought the world of him.

Ok, getting back within the world this morning. I have to get the extension off to the IRS, then have to move the RV ( somewhere? ) , then try to get a little work done to chuck some stuff in the garage so we will be able to at least get one car back in there before it gets really hot - speaking of the 51 degree temp outside and the high of 63 today with scattered showers (yeah- right)! The Spousal Unit has been accumulating a bed frame (as we have never had one for the master king size bed, just one of those metal bottom thingy's) (I sure would like that one that Gary just finished.)

That was quite the ordeal that I just went through -- there were some side effects that were not planned for and my bottom still hurts (nuff said) That is what really hit me hard.

OK - going to take my baby out for breakfast (sorry FLO) - then we will start the day, BBL


Aka. Gary Russell
Gary, have you thought about getting professional help with the design of your layout?
Hey bnsf, I have a great plan, several members here and the other forum have helped me with a great plan. It’s copying it onto the layout and roughing in a change that my buddy suggested that slows me down big time. I already started laying foam and then someone came up with another great

and thanks for all the likes on the bed everyone, you all are great modellers where my strength might lie in sports, hunting and maybe some will keep trying though as it is the top hobby with great people in my opinion.


Same Ol' Buzzard
Good Afternoon Everyone. Rain today came and went, no thunderstorm here, left .85" in the gauge. Easily soaked in since it fell lightly for 8 hours. Not the same case for my daughters in the North Dallas area. An isolated cell dumped over 4" on them shortly after 1:00 pm. The tornado sirens were going off, but I don't think that anything materialized, sirens probably scared them off. No actual warning was issued by the NWS, and conditions around here are not really conducive to tornado activity, so it may have been a "trigger happy" operator. The whole North Texas area is under a River Flood Warning, which is not uncommon. Nothing presently following it on the radar right now, but that is always subject to change. By the way, the NWS was predicting 1.5" of rain today, so they weren't far off.
I'm headed back out to the train shed, where I started the Bachmann City Scenes Savings & Loan. I have a couple of 1" thick pork chops in a rosemary/garlic infused brine waiting to go on the grill later. Taking my chances on no more rain today!

Texas Hobo

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Good Evening all! Nothing but rain here in Houston. Not looking good for the rest of the week either.
I did get some train time today. Did a lot of switching, servicing nearly all the customers with inbound and pickups.
Started looking for the next scenery project. I do need a few new buildings and I sort of have an idea for a camp ground with a small lake/pond.

STAY SAFE (who was that masked man?)



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Good evening. Checking in quickly. Supper is almost ready. Last night we lost our little girl Ginger. She came down sick Tuesday afternoon and lost her battle with time and age. She was thirteen and a half and was spoiled rotten and had a long happy life.

Gallatin Gateway-20110827-00002.jpg 20180426_041432.jpg D-2.jpg

Picture_088.jpg thumbnail_20200708_181118.jpg thumbnail_20201203_135502.jpg

thumbnail_20210116_204744.jpg thumbnail_20201004_101825.jpg thumbnail_20210104_111145.jpg

Willie - I have the same building as your Old House. Mine was a built up from Woodland Scenics.


Was just informed that dinner is ready and I had better get my arse in the kitchen.



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Greetings, Shop Dwellers! We have 53*F and calm under cloudy skies here in the Land Of Pleasant Living. Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend, I know I did; sure hate to see it end.

As always, I appreciate all the "likes" and comments in response to my previous post.

Chet - my deepest condolences for the loss of your beloved Ginger! 😢 🌹🌹

Gary - I, too, echo the others on that beautiful bedframe - it truly is a masterpiece!

Tom (O) - is it true, that you've decided to cancel your grain terminal build? ...or did I misunderstand the "gone" caption on your latest post?

* * *
Saturday was a very fruitful day on my project to install cloth clips for draping around the periphery of my benchwork. With the help of a local mrr friend who came by, I was able to get clips installed on an additional 30 linear feet of the fascia within a two-hour period. While I sat under the layout, he would smear the hot glue onto the clothespins and hand them to me to stick them onto the targeted spots. And today, after an early afternoon hike with MOH over trails of the nearby Nature Conservancy property, I was able to spend an additional two hours under the layout and get another 15 linear feet completed. So as of now, I'm guessing that 2/3rds of the intended fascia length has been equipped:


I'm applying the clips sequentially, going in a counterclockwise direction from the bottom right of the image. The 5ft aisle-end section immediately past the end of the purple line will remain un-draped, since that is the console area (where my DCC command station, computer and programming track are all located). So only the north and west fascia surfaces remain to be done. Then it will be time to cut up the landscape cloth into the needed dimensions and hang them up.
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