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Greetings all!

Rain in St. Cloud today, and we were playing near there, so Friday golf date is a no-go. Probably not a bad thing as I did not sleep well last night and do have plenty to do around the house. I was looking forward to a nice evening of a light dinner, layout work, and maybe retiring early for some of that mommy-daddy stuff the Hip-hopsters are always so on about. But no. We ended up going in to Minneapolis to see our daughters. In truth, I was looking forward to seeing them, especially the younger one as she just started a new job and I wanted to hear about it. All that was fine until the oldest had us walk to a restaurant in what's called the North Loop. And you-know-who gets stuck with the bill that would have paid for that nice BLI 4-8-0 I got my eye on! But at least the girls are still talking to us.

So now maybe today I will finish laying out the turntable and roundhouse. Guy on another forum is suggesting I change the entire yard 180 out to make it easier for the inevitable finessing of the turntable, and he is no doubt right. But I think it is time to quit planning and start doing. Besides, what's the point of making a decision if you can't regret it later?!

By the way: here is the train room. And a shot from a while back. ENjoy!

I'm starting to think about adding a 12" wide masonite fascia board all round. Any opinions or thoughts?

God's peace to all,



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Morning troops from the West where it's likely to be 78 degrees with partly cloudy today.

Like a bad penny I just keep turning up! Consensus is that I may, or may not have had a heart attack.
Not going into a large, long discussion here, but I spent about 30 hrs in the local TV hospital and then Kaiser hauled my butt to Fontana to their cardiac specialist establishment hospital which, after echo and angiogram, it was determined that I had some blockage and that my heart had simply shifted into overdrive for an unknown reason. In the end - basically an increase in heart meds and a blood thinner (expensive even after co-pay).
So here i am finally back home last evening with a larger basket full of medicine, a flatter wallet, and another lost week of my dwindling candle!

On with the play! are back and here and you have helped make my day.

Stay well


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Good morning fellow global modelers.

guy, the altered photos to me look brighter. I don’t find anything bothersome or defeating in the original. They went to my save folder. I tell you though whoever does the weathering for CN by you should get a commendation!

Steve, I would add the 12” backdrop. What forum recommended you switch the yard around? Turntables take up quite a bit of layout space.

Sherrel, My mind doesn’t have a clue what age I am until I am sitting in my chair at 4pm and fall to sleep. Then for sure it knows, 68.

Have a wonderful day


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Good Morning All. Mostly cloudy and 54°, another pleasant day in store for us here. The Weather Underground sill shows a forecast of thunderstorms for eight of the next ten days. I'll be mowing today and tomorrow to stay ahead of that.

Sausage, biscuits and gravy today Flo. And a big glass of OJ to quench my thirst.

Thanks for the likes and comments regarding the bus station build; Karl, Guy, Garry, Patrick, Justin, Joe, Tom O, Hughie, Gary, Ken, Tom, Phil.

Out in the train shed yesterday, I pretty much finished up the bus station. These two pictures were taken before I attached the sign and added details.


Then came the minor disappointment. The published footprint was the building size minus the sidewalks. It wasn't going to fit where I originally intended for it to go. So I looked at downtown Ft Wish and determined that by shuffling a few buildings around, it would fit in a different place.

Since I hadn't already "planted" anything, this would be an easy fix. By removing the low structure in the center of the block as well as the one to the right, and shifting the hotel over, I could give it the corner spot.

Here are two more views in it's new location.

Problem resolved. The removed structures will be located across the street from the fire station and skyscraper under construction.

Guy - I really like your yard/right of way pictures. They show a lot of detail that begs to be modeled.
Tom O - I don't do coffee either, so my morning drink is the Diet A&W, it too is caffeine-free. One in the morning, one in the train shed in the late afternoon. Lots of that ice cold well water in between. I do supplement it with a few beers as well, after the modeling is done.
Steve -
Willie: I had to look up Era Texas. I grew up in North Dallas (Farmers Branch)...
I know the area well. I grew up in Dallas from '61-'69, and I worked in Carrollton (Crosby Road), for 43 years. Era TX is a small unincorporated farming/ranching community of 400 folks. I actually live seven miles from the town center in the middle of nowhere.
Greg - I would much rather have a real A&W Root Beer, but I have to reserve my carb intake for beer. One A&W has as many carbs as four Heinekens!
You didn't post what type of new car that you got. Hopefully not getting into the 4x4 will give the leg some room to recuperate.
Hughie - You did an outstanding job on the Shaw's Ridge. I like your color scheme. I like Bar Mills kits...they are my most favored. I have at least 16 on the layout but sadly I have none waiting to be built.
Garry - Thanks for the pictures. I like what I see of these Bachmann structures so far. The extra details, sidewalks and decals will come in handy in other locations, although some I will never be able to use, mainly the decals. I don't recall seeing all of those scenes that you posted yesterday, I have seen some. I could have bought more of the kits them from Brian, he had them all, but the rest I would not be able to use due to space and appropriateness.
Ken - The reason behind the story regarding the gas in the plastic bag was that there was no container in the bag itself. I don't blame you for not heading into Baltimore. I still communicate with Louis, and despite his overwhelming enthusiasm for the city, I can tell that it is beginning to scare him as well.
Sherrel - That's great news that you're back.

Everybody have a great day and an awesome weekend.


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MILW Steve - Welcome. from a former Coastie. I like your plans, but I think the one with the harbor is going to be a fishing port or village rather than a seaport with freighters. Just my thought.



Greetings to you! I agree on your assessment. I love the idea and the concept, but just don't have the space to make it seem even a semblance of reality. So I think I'm going with the mod twice around. I saw a video of the bascule bridge in operation and that thing is pretty noisy, it seemed.


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Howdy. ...... Lunch time. .... I'll have a bowl of chile with a regular Dr. Pepper. ..... Not Terry's diet Dr. Pepper, please !!!!

I'm starting to think about adding a 12" wide masonite fascia board all round. Any opinions or thoughts?

Steve. ..... The top of my fascia is somewhat higher than the track. (About 3/4" is enough . ) This prevents derailed trains from rolling off the layout and onto the floor.

Willie ..... You are welcome. After seeing your work, I wish I saved room for the bus station. .... I think I already explained I used the kit box tops as part of my backdrop. I combined them with other kit boxtops and other pictures. You can see some of it in the distance in this picture.


Everybody: .... Have a good afternoon.


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Steve. ..... The top of my fascia is somewhat higher than the track. (About 3/4" is enough . ) This prevents derailed trains from rolling off the layout and onto the floor.

Everybody: .... Have a good afternoon.

Hmm ... I was thinking maybe some plexiglass as a "end of the world" drop off preventer. But extending the hardboard fascia up 3/4 of an inch would do the trick? Thanks for the tip.


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Afternoon all,

Supposed to be off and my phones just keep ringing. It would be nice if it were someone I really need to talk to. Messages left from 2 "callers" that was a machine telling me to press 1 to talk to an agent now or a warrant would be issued for my arrest. Too bad the phone is registered to the city and not an individual.

I hate scammers.

Sherrel: glad to hear you are back and doing better.

Texas Hobo

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Good Afternoon all! A very muggy sticky day. I just came in from loading a freeze killed lemon tree in the back of my truck. A city sponsored clean up day tomorrow so the tree along with other stuff laying around will be taken for free.
Sherrel - good to see you back.
I hate scammers.
I have had pretty good luck keeping most of the spam calls in check with an app called "Hiya"

Going to run a train or two.



Jaz avalley

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Sherrel, glad you are still with us,sorry the meds are so expensive,do not start working out what kit you could have bought with it - it will likely depress you,age is a remorseless creature we have to fight against, take it as a warning and ensure you are not off by yourself for a little while,you do not want a second issue,and you want help nearby,take care.


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Good evening Shop Dwellers, it's 57*F and calm under clear skies here in central MD.

[NOTE: I started this post at ~4:30pm EDT, and shortly after that supper was served; then came cleanup, and errands, and other diversions...]
[... I got back to it at ~9:30pm]

Thanks everybody for all the "likes" and comments on my Thursday and Wednesday posts!

Sherrell - great to see you back, you really had us in suspense ever since you made your last post on Monday!

Willie - if even Louis is getting scared, you know things have got to be getting REALLY BAD...! As for the Darwin Award candidate with gasoline in the plastic bag, I wonder how far he got before it started melting thru and leaking...o_O
On a more cheerful note: Your bus terminal looks fantastic!

My "soda" of choice these days is spring water in 1pt bottles, 5 times a day. My kidneys have already sustained enough damage from my uncontrollable high BP, so I don't want make that problem worse by drinking Dr Pepper, root beer, cola drinks or anything else with caramel coloring and phosphoric acid in it!

* * *
The other "diversion" I referred to above was, I spent another hour under the layout hot-gluing more cloth clips behind the fascia. I got them installed all around the 'blob' on the south peninsula before I reached a point where I'd have to relocate my makeshift work station.

Up to this point, the curtain project has been fairly easy. But tomorrow is when I'll be working on some of the more challenging spots, like places where Tortoise machines and toggle switch housings are mounted flush with the bottom of the fascia and have wires coming straight out the back. I'll have no choice but to let the top edge of the curtain cloth press slightly against those obstacles and hang it in a way that makes the imperfection less noticeable. At least I'll have a friend coming over who can hand me clothespins and glue sticks so I don't have to keep fumbling with those down in "the pit," just focus on the gluing and pressing-on of the clips.
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