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Same Ol' Buzzard
Good Morning All. Cloudy and 69°, going up to 94° today. NWS has been adamant about clear and warm for the foreseeable future since Monday, so early this morning we had a "where the heck did that come from?" moment when a thunderstorm rolled in from Oklahoma City and dumped .75" of rain, high winds and possible hail on us. I was already up when it came at 5:30, and I shut down the computer and went back to bed expecting to lose power. Well, that didn't happen and I ended up sleeping until 8:30.
Wife left yesterday for two days of helping my daughter's family pack and move to their new house today. My brother and niece finished painting the rooms that they were doing earlier in the week. Two of my nephews helped install the rest of the ceiling fans and light fixtures. The movers have an additional surprise as she decided to take her brand new refrigerator with them instead of leaving it. They just remodeled the kitchen area+ about ten months ago.
Another day yesterday with some quality time picking green beans in the garden, and checking on the progress of some of the known early tomatoes. None are turning colors yet, so they have the potential to still get larger. My "go-to" variety of Early Girl was not available this spring, so I am having to be patient with my longer maturing varieties. I was able to do some more mowing yesterday, and chopping up immature grasshoppers. They are thick this year. Thta spells trouble later this summer. Last night's rain probably wasn't enough to drown too many, so my only defense is to mow them to smithereens. Unfortunately there's a large swath of the front yard (lowest on the property), that I couldn't get to yet, too saturated still. I am also avoiding mowing the wildflower meadow for now. Hoppers are in there but don't feast on them.



The Indian Blankets are there, but not as flush as in the past.

A couple of breakfast tacos this morning Flo. Just the ground beef and cheese type.

Thanks for the likes yesterday; Tom O, Gary, Steve, Troy, Justin, Rick, Karl, Hughie, Tom, Guy, Patrick.

Out in the train shed, painting continued on the detail parts for the country mart. As a diversion to that slow progress, I took out some 40' trailers that I purchased last weekend.

After some minor assembly they are ready to go.

These are nicely detailed.

The intention was to add them to a couple of the TOFC cars that I am using in the intermodal facility that I added last year. I have been using 45' units but they don't fit real well on the flatcars. So two got moved into the trailer staging area and the new ones get to ride now.


Steve - Prayers and best wishes for your daughter.
Tom O - At work, we had a 12" gas line in from the main supply line. I don't know how big the main was. Since we used a gas furnace to extrude aluminum ingots into structural shapes, we used a lot. If I remember correctly, our monthly gas bill was $25K+.
That's too bad about the son's friends not being able to get jobs in their preferred backgrounds. I didn't think of that which is very prevalent in the Austin area. Learning a new profession when you're a musician isn't always easy. Those jobs will mostly come back in Austin a lot sooner than say NYC or LA.

I'm off to a late start this morning, but it is time to go and pressure can some more of the harvest.
Everybody have a great day and an awesome weekend.


Curse You, Red Baron!
Staff member
Good Day from the Funny Farm here!
FLO, please just bring me the pot of coffee -- I'll just stick my head in it!
I had almost forgotten the antics and commotion of a 6 and 8 YO boys together - and with the Spousal Unit at her Mom's for all this coming week. The SIL left his parents' home in S.C. this morning and is driving out with the two dogs and a car packed with belongings. They plan to sell the car here before leaving for Okinawa - it's a Subaru something or other. The Spousal Unit and I may just keep it?
I think they jumped the gun a little selling their home and most everything else; the daughter told me yesterday that they could have made an extra 25k had they waited until now to sell.
I guess I am going to have to renew my passport again - I know that the wife will want to go see them over there and I would like to visit Japan (bout the only place I did not get too) -- It expired about the time I retired, and as I figured that I wasn't going anywhere for a while, I did not bother getting another. Now I will have to get in line with all the Covid people who are trying to do the same thing and the g'mt is on a slowdown processing things? Sort of wish I had not dumped the whole suitcase in the 42 gal circular file after my last flight; didn't even bother to bring it home with me!

WILLIE - Where are the snakes? All your grassy photos generally have a snake staring at you, or a turtle, skunk, or other forms of wildlife - I don't see one there?

STEVE - Ditto on what Willie said about your daughter. Also, good luck on the plumbing - I used to like plumbing, but not so much anymore. It hurts to twist and crawl around and my body makes strange noises theas days when I try stuff like that.

As a friend used to always say to me: Cheers to all beer drinkers! Later ....
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Texas Hobo

Well Known Hobo
Good Morning all! Man am I happy I mowed yesterday. Yesterday we had a pretty constant breeze. Not a whisper of wind today, just still and hot.
Just informed of visitors coming today, so there goes any rail time. I had hopes of getting the roof on the Majestic Hardware building but I guess that will have to wait.
Enjoying everyone's photos. We certainly are a diverse group.




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Good Morning all! Another hot and humid day on tap. I had a bowl of Grape-Nuts this morning. Retired you have the time needed to eat Grape-Nuts.
As forecasted, nothing got done on the Majestic Hardware project and sadly today isn't looking to promising.

Hey, does anyone know who Pete is, and why we do things for his sake?

Hughie- how do you take your Grape Nuts, with moo juice or Joe?

Jaz avalley

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Good Morning!

It's a dark morning with solid overcast and cool at 46°F. Don't seem to be raining; more like a light drizzle coming down. Just enough moisture to wet the streets.
I turned off the gas fired furnace two weeks ago, and was tempted to turn it on again just for today, as it's quite cool in the house. It's comfortable enough if we just put on a sweater, though. I don't like burning gas in the summer.

Jaz avalley - I really like the paintwork on those rock walls of the blue-doored structure. Well done, indeed. - We don't have a-lot of rock walls around here; mostly studded wood frame. If there's any rock walls around here, the government had it built on tax-payers money.

Willie - I've never seen a clock installed into a churches bell tower, not even in the monolithic city churches; so I'm not certain that the model in you're photo is entirely realistic. - The garage is a very fine looking model, and I like the car-wash scene! - Willie, I hope you're not offended because I made a joke about no pictures in a recent post; I was just kidding, and wasn't picking on you.

Troy - Well done on the tiny ships! Weren't they supposed to be done in a WWII 3-color splinter pattern!

Tom - I've never even thought about chip-hoppers on the rails. They're not used here at all, perhaps because the chips don't have that far to go and are transported by truck. I admit, though, I've never seen a chip-hopper car in real life. - A chip facility is an interesting layout idea.

Since it's crappy weather today, the wife wants to go to the city and buy a new door for our homes front entrance. This has created an argument, because we don't need another new door. Changing out another perfectly good door is extremely low priority, in my books. - She wants the new door mostly for modernization and looks, not that there is anything wrong with the old one.
We need a couple of new windows, which are higher priority. Right now, the kitchen window can't be closed from inside because the handle broke off.
I just don't know 'why' I've never been able to make sense with a women. - Suppose she'll be getting her new door!

I only have one photograph today, of a moving SD70-M2, and it's a poor photo.
View attachment 128922

Have a good one, folks!
The uk has a lot of towns built with stone , more amazingly is how many different stones in such a small country check out Stamford beauful, an there is still a couple f towswoth Elizabean buildings, and I mean Elizabeth the first. adsorption, flint,we is similar to geo odes but not semi precious give a hard wearing finish


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Sherrill- 2 additional adults, 2 kiddos & 2 additional fur babies & you say that you MAY need a shrink? :D
TomO- which lake were you near, DuBay? My niece will be here visiting from MD in later part of the month for a week or 2, along with her toddler son & teenage(13) brother from Western MD(south of Cumberland). Might try & go to the National Railroad Museum in GB on one of the Mondays theyre
GeeTee- I never understood the concept of those in financial distress during the pandemic(or any other time if financial hardship) not paying anything on their rent/mortgage. It’s not like the eviction moratorium made their responsibility to pay go away, just meant that the lender/landlord could not kick them out right away. When the wife & I got the various stimuli & tax refund, we stashed money away in case we could not access our debit cards. We also tried to pay extra on our utilities, especially in winter, when they’re higher. Made our next bill lower. We also tried to do the same with our credit accounts, to make the minimum payments lower each month. Always tried to pay an extra $15-25 on each one.
Greg in MF- I’ll be at the train show in Waupaca on Father’s Day, if you’re going.

With tomorrow only supposed to be mid 80’s(better than the low 90’s we’ve had for the past week), I’m going to try & get into the train room tomorrow. It’s been way too long since I’ve
had the motivation to get in there.


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yes we were on Lake DuBay. Mom and dad purchased the campground behind Meyers Marina and Restaurant in 1974, 240 acres.
My brother up the 1st turn on 34 south of the DuBay bridges. We were down a mile on DuBay drive. This is on the west side of the bridges




GNRR Mechanic always fixing stuff
Evening all,

Odd late day, but the final door is in place and the pool is patched. Now I just need to cut the inside trim extensions and reinstall the trim. I just have to get them cut on the table saw and finish up all with the miter saw. I did get the lawn mowed yesterday, with feels like of 104°.

Grandkids in a near bathwater temp pool as I type. Having a blast. I went through 3 sets of clothes today as I just had the sweat dripping, but was well hydrated, so no biggie. I'm reminded about why I'm indoors in the summer.


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GeeTee- I never understood the concept of those in financial distress during the pandemic(or any other time if financial hardship) not paying anything on their rent/mortgage. It’s not like the eviction moratorium made their responsibility to pay go away, just meant that the lender/landlord could not kick them out right away.
There's a significant number of people that are either undocumented or they're self employed (getting paid in cash) , and for various reasons don't file a tax return so they're not eligible for benifits like unemployment or stimulus.


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Well here in the land of coruption we have entered the next phase of covid bs "The no one cares phase" do what u want. Wife is in management at a lccal hospital so she worked very steady, and I am retired. I do not trust banks and bugs me to use a credit card. The weather guessers say its gonna be hot and dry, so I guess I have to cut the grass, which means more time for the layout.
Later Gents.


Same Ol' Buzzard
Good Morning All. It's clear and 73° here on the SFW estate. Highs in the mid-90's for the next couple of weeks, supposed to be dry, but so was yesterday.
Productive day on the homestead yesterday, as I pressure canned another seven pints of green beans. Plants are still producing at about 70% of last week's pace. Probably another two weeks of harvest and then I clear them out and concentrate on tomatoes, squash and peppers. I reorganized the large upright freezer yesterday, a daunting task done in eight minute increments! Laundry and dishwasher filled my quota of household tasks.

I'll take a Mel's Omelet with a side of bacon this morning Flo. Double OJ on the rocks to go with it.

Thanks for the likes and comments regarding the post yesterday; Sherrel, Tom O, Justin, Rick, Hughie, Karl, Jaz, Guy, Patrick, Tom, Garry.

Resumed the task of painting details for Woody's Country Mart. It's hard to tell any progress, but it's slow and steady. Here's the front porch with everything except Woody Jr.


Tom O - Interesting Arboretum sculpture/carving.
Sherrel - No snakes yet this year. I know that they have come out of their winter dens, but I haven't seen any. The only critters this season were those two fawns that I spotted a couple of weeks ago.
I do agree with you on the plumbing.

Everybody have a great Sunday.
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