Roadrailers/double stackers


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i was trying to find triple crown roadrailers for ho scale and double stackers for ho scale but i have been seeing nothing around. I recently bought the model railroading magazine and found a place who sells them but i lost the book.please help me find them i need them a.s.a.p for my railroading club.
Bowser makes the Roadrailers and there are several mfrs. who make the double-stack well cars. Look at for more information. Their site is a virtual catalog of all things trains.
Here is a link to the Bowser Roadrailers:

I am a Bowser/Stewart dealer, and I can get any in-stock items. I can have them this week if you need them that quickly. Let me know what you're looking for (item number and quantity), and I can see if they have them. My price is usually about 30% off of retail, and if you decide you want anything I'll get it and list it in my eBay Store .
jbaakko said:
Aline, PPW, Athearn, and Walthers make good Double stacks...
I have some of the A-line kits too, and they look like they have some nice detail, but I'm kinda afraid to paint anything, and they're all undec (so they're in 'the store' as well). Have you ever put any of these together? If so, how difficult is it?
I did one of those A-Line Thrall well kits waaay back in the day when I was 15. It was actually pretty easy. I had a harder time with my container kits than with the well car! If you just take them one step at a time, they're really easy. Of course, I say the same thing about Intermountain hoppers, so what do I know.... :)