Revell Monorail


Long Winded Old Fart
Has anyone seen the HO scale Revell Monorail units? I saw 1 in a Hobby Shop about 2 years ago & went back about 3 months later & they had went out of business.
I tried finding them on the internet, but was unable to locate.
Any help would be appreciated.

Hate to tell you, but there was one on ebay about a week ago - from UK IIRC - in fact I''ve just checked - there are 3 monorail sets + track pieces
Put in HO scale monorail
The Revell Monorail I'm looking for looks like an Acela consist on a monorail track. I contacted Revell's model division & never received an answer back from them.
Maybe I can find another source. EBay doesn't have what I'm looking for.
Thought some of you buffs might have seen one.

I've contacted all of the on-line hobby shops that handle any kind of trains by Revell & they all tell me that the only way I might find one is going to Hobby shops that might have 1 still in stock. Some of you were right about Revell not making them anymore. I finall got an answer from there main mfg. plant & they stopped making them about a year ago.
If any of you on the forum happens to find one at your local Hobby retailer, please contact me on this forum topic.
I see nothing has been posted on this in a long time. Any one ever come up with info. on this item? Product Details - REVELL HO TRANSRAPID TR 7 KIT or RV06100 Transrapid 07 Maglev Train Unit 1/87(HO) Scale.

I finally gave up looking for the Revell set & bought an ER models set & some Xtra track.
I was going to try to get it installed on my layout this summer, but it's been to hot.