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How important are they on a scale of 1-5 5 being must have?
And how many/often do you use them yourself?
Also, are there any certain turnouts I should NOT use with my Spectrum 4-8-2 heavy?


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I have them all over my EZ track layout and they do flip in the ocational wheel. Mostly they look ugly. I plan them on my next layout--in the staging yard.


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Hi Aaron
I just have them at two locations, they are home built and are extremely important in preventing a catastrophe. The bridges are a gate way so a re railer or guide is necessary when the wheels cross the rail where it was cut.


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Aaron, I use rerailers on my staging track for convenience. On my layout at the previous homestead, I had them in hard-to-reach locations on the main line to 'catch' any stray rolling stock.

Willis - I probably ought to install them at both ends of my lift-out gate sections too, I like the way you did yours - I think I even recall seeing something like that on a prototype rail bridge once!


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I have a Rix ramp, and I'll have the track plasticey ones in the stanging yards...


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I have one or two on the layout, and they're being used at grade crossings. From an aesthetic standpoint, they could be better, but they do serve a purpose.

I'd say they should be in staging or fiddle yards. Your 0-5-0 switcher (AKA Hand of God) can only get into so many spaces, and you know that the derailment will happen between two intermodal cars with doublestacks on it, and you know you'll knock those over while rerailing that empty gondola, flatcar, baretable, etc.....


Kennedy (HamHand, MI)


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I bought 100 Atlas rerailers for $90.00 from an online store. I use them before & after most turnouts, at road/rail crossings, bridge crossings & anyplace that I have ever had derail problems. I place them in straight track where I'm always setting cars & engines on the track. Most of mine the gen'l. public can't see. Most are behind buildings or hills. For years I wouldn't use them, but Now I use them all the time. I'm about done w/all my track laying except where my yard will be.
The yard will be on a 36ft. long by 24in. cabinet top. You will see lots of them being used there w/lots of under the track delayed magnets & under the track switch machines.


Steve B

I don't have any but i may make some for places you can't see near turnouts
BTW that's a smart bridge you built, mine has two levels so i went for a box section for strength,
this is it, i have not had any de railing trouble on the bridge but a few guard rails may be added


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I'm placing them occasionally on all hidden track (every 30-40 feet), plus on each of the straight sections on my "behemoth Helix."

I figure they're cheap insurance.


Long Winded Old Fart
I was having a few derailments at my rerailers. Problem was; When they were manafactured they left a little plastic sticking out on the inside of the rail.
Take a small narrow file & file down the plastic problem. I had never had that problem before. I guess when they sell them in bulk they don't inspect them very well. Mine are Atlas.



For me they are a solid three because I can put my cars on my industrial switching layout easier...I also use that one re-railer for one of the 5 road crossings in order to help camouflage the re-railer. ;)
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