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Stay off the tracks!
I'm in the somewhat enviable position of having my prototype (a semi-fallen flag in reality) as part of a large family of railroads - the GWI (Genesse & Wyoming) family.

So occasionally someone releases a locomotive for one of the railroads in the family and I'm able to strip off just the logos and re-decal it for my railroad. Fortunately Microscale made up a decal set for this railroad some time ago and just re-released them as well.

How many other people do that - keep a "major railroad" paintjob but reletter the locomotives as sort of a "wholly owned" subsidiary line?

Atlas MP15DC (originally G&W):



Atlas GP38 (originally B&P):
Pre-silver trucks:

Post-silver trucks:

I haven't decided if I'm going to silver the trucks of the #45. Or even renumber it - I think it would be 1553 or or 1503 per the Portland & Western numbering system.


Diesel Detail Freak
BNSF made my job easy! I can just stick a microscale patch on, and add the BNSF renumber to it.


Coal Shoveler
Since I'm a lazy git, I do the leaser thing. Which is, paint out the old logos (or, red line them) and off we go. Sometimes, I'll put a leaser mark somewhere on the side of the cab. Like NREX.




I have a fictional WP subsidiary, the California North Eastern, that is a 3rd subsidiary like the Tidewater Southern and Sacramento Northern. I simply painted the engines in Perlman Green, lettered them "California North Eastern" and detailed them to match WP practice. However, I wanted something different for the new layout and decided this time around to "privatize" the CNE as an independent short line. In fact, I drew up the new scheme last night and need to have the decals done up now. Sure, it's a little on the gawdy side, but my girlfriend wanted to pick the colors as she's working on the new layout now too. I realize the caboose is a bit much, but I have a bunch of street running and can't turn the train on the way back, so I have some long shoves for my little plastic crews to make and most of us California drivers suck. :rolleyes:


Again, gawdy I know, but Alicia picked Burgandy and Silver. She says she sees enough Perlman Green & Orange in the house and at the museum. I guess it's now time to strip the green Alco.... :eek:


Lazy Daydreamer
cct - That CNE paint scheme is very elegant indeed. Lots of burgundy - is that a "hiddden reference" to the Napa Valley vinyards of your state? ;) I just now noticed the beacon and the horn on the caboose - interesting (makes perfect sense for long shoves though).

...How many other people do that - keep a "major railroad" paintjob but reletter the locomotives as sort of a "wholly owned" subsidiary line?
I did something along those lines with a set of Kato SD38-2's in EJ&E garb. Though I didn't exactly keep the same paint scheme of the 'J', I did retain the primary colors: Orange for the body with sliver trucks and fuel tank. Here is a 'before' photo from my archives:


I made my own tiger-stripe decals using Testors decal paper. Then I rubbed off the big J and the pre-existing road numbers, applied my own decals - and here is the result (before adding IB logos and road numbers):


I posted a thread about this project with many additional photos on the Kalmbach forum, but when I changed my screen name all my old postings disappeared :(


Yeah, the CNE runs throught the Wine Country of Napa, Sonoma, etc., so that accounts for the Wine country inspired paint scheme and colors.

I thought that was an EJ&E inspired scheme.


Diesel Detail Freak
That CNE scheme is awesome *shying away from yet another custom scheme running on my layout!*.

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