Received my first Tsunami!


I thought that I would pass along the news that I have received my light steam Tsunami from Tony's. I had one on BO for xx years and added another to the order last Sunday. I didn't get the second one which was a heavy steam. They are checking to see if it was an oops or had to be B.O.'d. They are trying to fill what they can of the B.O.'s before sending any add-ons. That's fair. HOPE YOU GET YOUR'S SOON!
Rex that's great, you must be jumping out of your skin to get that thing installed! I'm anxiously awaiting their 1st Gen. EMD's, but thats OK it'll give me time to finish my layout [first things first:eek: ].
Yaaa-hoo! It passed the smoke test!
It is now installed in my Bachman 2-8-0 and working fine. The sounds are very real. I installed a 28x40 speaker and I get very good depth and volume in the sound. I haven't tweaked any of the CV's except the volume and...yes, the whistles:rolleyes: all seven of them. They are from a gutteral to a toot. Oh, the sound for filling up the water is really a blast. :D

I will be tweaking all the other CV's over the weekend, but I think we have a winner. I will post a couple of pictures on the WPF and then here.
Everything is fine with the Tsunami...except.
I kind of held back until I talked to "Tony's" today, but I am going to have to get a booster for my programming track. It will not take an address or anything else in any service mode programming. I told them I never had a problem with my Chief programming BLI's (QSI). They were surprised at this, but said the Tsunami needs a bit more power on the programming track. So I ordered one. Ops mode programming works just fine. FYI: They are supposed to get another large order of Tsunami's in next week.

Follow up: I just tried programming a 4 digit the hard way by going to CV17 direct. No go! I also tried setting bit 5 in CV29 and programming the address in CV17 and CV18. Still no go. In fact, I am having a problem getting back to a reset. This happened before and I'll just have to mess with it to at least get it to default.