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Hi All, well while doing a Google search ( checking the ranking of my site) I came across this advertisement. Now I know such a Tape and CD is produced by Pat and David Othen and available for sale.
This is not one of their advertisements and the wording is certainly not theirs.
"The Cape Breton & Central Nova Scoita Railway" I ($12.95 DVD) A 32 minute tape, recorded in November 1994, when I visited Cape Bredon, and Nova Scoita. See lots of switching, in Sidney, one of their largest cities. This tape doesnot include a summary. But it does have a picture box, which shows a CB&CNS B40-8#2015, coming at me at a angle, and rear cover shows a side view of CB&CNS B40-8#2032.
Ok lets pick it apart, blatent mistakes are in bold.
1 Nova Scoita should be Nova Scotia I wonder what map or travel service he used to get here.
2 Cape Bredon Should be Cape Breton as in the RR name
3 See lots of switching ???? wonder where he really was
4 CB&CNS B40-8#2015 Didn't know they had one they had a MLW C630M #2015
5 CB&CNS B40-8#2032 Well if they didn't have one I'm sure they didn't have two, they had a MLW C630M #2032 though.

My opinion is I'm kind of thinking of " illegal Boarding Party" like on 18 Century sailing ships.
What do you think?
Cheers Willis

Oh! yeah, Nova Scotia has two cities, Halifax and Sydney so I guess the part about being ONE of the largest has some truth in it, though it may well be the smallest city in the world :D
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