Re-purposing some pulpwood flats

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I have two pulp wood flats that I want to re-purpose into hauling a couple of loads of pipe. Well since the pulp woods have the angled floor in them would it work or be correct I guess I should say to build a small I-beam frame/cradle that the pipes can be set on for transport on these type cars?



There's a difference between bulkhead flats and pulpwood flats. The pulpwood flats with the angled floor are designed for carrying pulpwood only, with the loads angled toward the center of the car so they don't need restraints. Since they don't have stake pockets or other provision for restraints, they really can't be used for much else. The UP has some ex MP SIECO pulpwood cars like the Walthers model in MW service:

This one appears to be carrying switch ties, and it looks like they've banded them in place by going around the whole car. This is about all you can do to re-purpose this kind of car.

However, the other cars in your photo, the ones with stake pockets, aren't actually pulpwood cars and can already be used for lumber, pipe, steel plate, rebar, or whatever without any kind of mod.


In the process of building the cradles right now. The first one is almost done I'll post some pictures of them when they are done.


NH Mike

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I converted an old Athearn bulkhead flat into a MOW car for track crews. A few barrels at one end held in place with chain. The ties of course and a tank with a coiled hose for weed killer or other liquids needed along the track.

MOW 1.JPG Mow 1a.JPG


5th Generation Texian
Ambroid bulkheads

These were originally pulpwood flats (Ambroid) but I modified the build to make them simple bulkheads which were more practical for my layout. I eliminated the center bulkhead and replaced the screen flooring with decking. Just this past weekend I added a pipe load.

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