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Active Member
I'm experimenting with outdoor pic, so please rate
this picture:


Thank you for your time


Pennsy Tuscan Red Blood
I'm no expert no photography... Bob B. where are you?
I don't know if you are just showning off your engine or going for a realistic photo. If your showing of it's great, but if you were going for the real aspect you need to get down lower, otherwise it looks like you're in a helicopter. You need to get more of the background trees into the shot. The track ballast and grass look great, well done. But as soon as I seen the 1:1 scale lawn in the back it blows the effect.
Just my 2 cents.


Pennsy Tuscan Red Blood
. You need to get more of the background trees into the shot. Just my 2 cents.

I just got done looking at the foto fun for the week and I saw your other pix in post #28. The 1st and 2nd shots are more like what I was thinking. Even a background that is further away so you see the tree top out of focus would pull the whole scene together.

OK you're up to 4 cents now;) I'm gonna need some change soon.


Diesel Detail Freak
I said good, not for the reasons afore mentioned, but rather, I think you need to add a polarizing lens/cover as its fairly glared out. But then, I'm no expert either, 99% chance my shot would have turned the same, if not worse!


Not at all sure just what you are asking an opinion on. If it's the loco's appearance, then I'd have to say that the weathering isn't very prototypical (look how shiny that red end is relative to the sides and how the roof appears to be very clean, yet the side screens show decided soot deposits). If you are asking for an evaluation of the overall scene, then that dense underground almost right up to the tracks is not prototypical for most situations and there is that very abrupt visual transition/shift of focus between the rear edge of the display board and the real background.

If you'd care to be clearer about what you are attempting to do and asking about, I'd be glad to offer some advice.

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Armchair Engineer
Try taking the same picture in early morning or before sundown. You should get a photo with less glare and nicer color instead of the grass and tracks looking washed out. Colors should look truer. This photo looks to have been taken in midday sun.LIGHTING IS EVERYTHING.Ron


Railroad Photographer
If you'd care to be clearer about what you are attempting to do and asking about, I'd be glad to offer some advice.


My sentiments exactly. If you are just attempting to show the completed model, then you've succeeded. If you are trying to show the model in a realistic scene, well that isn't happening. It's obviously above the grass below, which has shadows from power lines or something else.

Please let us know what your intentions were for the critique.


I love trains!
Too much JPEG compression IMHO. I'd rather see an imaged made a bit smaller but with little or no JPEG compression.

Also, what other posters have said. Need more info on what you're looking for. And I agree, the different grass in the BG throws it a little if you're looking for realistic. I also agree on the lower angle but I realize that may be harder outdoors depending on your background.


Active Member
The "overall impression". But I agree "realistic scene" is not happening.
I made a note about the weathering too.

Thank again


Ignorance is Patriotic
... and not to add any more coal to the fire of criticism, but I've noticed in your other pictures that some of your weathered rolling stock are lacking reporting marks, or any markings whatsoever. What's that about?


M.E.S.S. Maker
Though I rated it VG, which it is! To be more prototypical would require more rust and and paint peeling and a lot of oil and smoke streaming out of it! (Not a dig at you just at CN) Seriously it's a very good photo of a very well detailed (Pre privatization I suspect) loco.

Thanks for sharing



New Member
NOTE: I am not a professional photographer.

I voted "Good". However, being new here and not having seen your other pics, if this was only your 3rd or 4th attempt, it's "Very Good".

I share the concern of others regarding the glare. It is a bit too bright. I'm sure that will be easy to fix with some experimentation.

A more serious problem I see is a blurring effect as one looks to the left and right of center. The center of the engine is in perfect focus, but the ends show the beginnings of the blur (by the number boards). Not sure what causes that or how to fix it.

Overall, it's a nice shot. Photographing small items is something I still have a great deal of trouble with. They never seem to come out right for me. Could be my cheap camera or total lack of know how. Or both.

Keep up the good work,


Active Member
mtrpls ; I haven't got the time to get to the details (reporting marks) at this point. Probably not for a while eithere since I'm quite busy.

Fergie; Thanks. Yes I know it has to be weathered, especially an ALCO/MLW

SRT; the glare is due to the very bright sunshine, so next time I'll fix that. I haven't notice the blurr, but I'll take a look

Thx guys


M.E.S.S. Maker
Fergie; Thanks. Yes I know it has to be weathered, especially an ALCO/MLW
Thx guys

I guess my point wasn't taken in true context as your picture depicts what a properly maintained loco should look like. In Halifax we have several engines that look like they just got torched but in reality they have looked like they haven't been touched in the last 5 or 6 years. CN is letting everything go to the dogs.

As for the glare that might be a simple fact it was bright outside and you overexposed the picture to bring out the detail on a black engine, which is no easy task on a bright day regardless of photographic ability. I avoid taking any picture when the sun is at it's zenith.

Overall a good picture, it's hard to photograph a black engine. Improvements would be shooting on an overcast day for a better exposure, when shooting 1:1 trains you have no choice but with a model you are the director. How about shooting from a lower position to reveal more truck or pilot details?
Nice shot!




Well-Known Member
You have received much feedback, so I'll try to be brief.

I think it is a good shot and rated it thus...you show the locomotive clearly, which appears to me to be the intended subject. I like the light, the focus is crisp, colour balance is good for my taste. If I were to say what could be better, you have those already, but a greater depth of field would have improved this image greatly. I also agree about the high angle of attack, so to speak; the most impressive images seem to be those mimicking a stance at ground level. Not always easy to pull off in tight places, but you had acres. :D As a minor point, but one that tended to draw my eye, the close track looks "digital" and overexposed. Your primary image may show nothing like this and it may just be how we have to see it on our screens manipulated to fit. But the viewer gets to call 'em as they sees 'em.

Still, a pleasing image, and I enjoyed looking at it. Nice loco, have little experience with weathering and all that, so I'll leave that aspect alone.

Joe Daddy

C & SF, my obsession
Whew, I am way intimidated by the skill and knowledge exhibited here. I know I learned a lot just reading all of your critiques. Never have I ever considered myself a photographer, and I feel less like one even more after this experience. Actually this was extremely valuable.

When I first saw the picture, I thought it was very good, and I kept going back to it to see what the experts were talking about. I suppose I understood about 25% of it. Maybe the shadow. .

Best regards to everyone who posted here.


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