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Steve B

Thought it would be interesting to see some great shot's of railroad dependant industries that would be fun to model in any scale, it may be a paper mill, a steal mill, a warehouse or just about anything you may have a picture of that would be of interest to us all. There was an article in MR back in June 2002 looking at "Progressive Rail" which is in Lakeville Minn, they handle the rail traffic in the Airlake industrial park, there are pictures of some of the industries and also the rail layout in the four mile park.

Looking at it from another angle have you found any good looking industries on Google earth that you could either post as a picture or give the
co- ordinates to paste into the Google earth "Search box"

Anything will do from a single line spur to a vast powerstation complex ;)

Steve B

Here's a couple of places on google earth, just copy the co-ordinates and paste them into google earth "Search" box and click on search.

This is Doncaster locomotive works in eastern England and the station which is on the east coast main line
53°31'20.09"N 1° 8'31.50"W

and this is Bescot traction maintenance depot and marshaling yard in Birmingham England, Loads of trackwork and trains
52°33'36.68"N 1°59'7.11"W


Diesel Detail Freak
I know I have a few, but I'll have to dig out the 2005 pictures CD to get them. I'll do that tonight.


Ignorance is Patriotic
Tropicana Distribution Center, Jersey City, NJ:

SCROLL --->>>



Ignorance is Patriotic
...and the Juice Train is part of my collection (80 Tropicana cars in total, all with different numbers):



I'm about to build a scale model of the distribution center, it will work out to be about 20 feet long. It will have to be modular, of course. :eek:
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Lazy Daydreamer
That's a neat idea Steve, I've viewed alot of steel mills via Google Earth on my home 'putor. Can't post the pics here since they're copyrighted though, but if I can get on tonite I'll try to find the coordinates and share them here...


Stay off the tracks!
Here are a few of my local industries:

Marion County Ag:

Western Farm Service (across the road from the above):

White's Hauling transload (across the tracks from the above):

Covered hoppers of cattle feed to the conveyors in front, boxcars of cotton seed to the ramp in back.

St. Louis, OR transload:

Same thing as White's Hauling, but on a slightly smaller scale.

More photos in these series, as well as others and larger versions, can be found at http://www.shultzinfosystems.com/gallery/Scenery

Steve B

That's the stuff,
Jeff i'll take a close look at your photo's later
Mtrpls what a train, very nice

Steve B

Heres a steal mill complex just off tin mill rd to the south west of Birmingham,,, not a clue what the mill's called but maybe GM can shed some light, it a huge place, just up your street Ken

33°28'55.37"N 86°55'56.57"W


Running the MC & Buffalo
Just a footnote The warehouse use to be trackside but the tracks were removed a few years back OLDGETTYSK


Lazy Daydreamer
Steve B said:
Heres a steal mill complex just off tin mill rd to the south west of Birmingham,,, not a clue what the mill's called but maybe GM can shed some light, it a huge place, just up your street Ken

33°28'55.37"N 86°55'56.57"W
Steve, I know the one you're talking about: That's US Steel Corp - Fairfield Works. Been there once or twice while visiting relatives in the BHam area. Size-wise, it's on a par with the [former] Bethlehem Steel Sparrows Point works in Baltimore.


Running the MC & Buffalo
The cold storage unit was used by the local farmers. Mostly to keep apples during the long winter . They shipped out of this unit cross country and also locally. The other warehouse received goods for local distribution around North Tonawanda .


Lazy Daydreamer
Scrap Metal Dealer in Dearborn, MI

Here are some photos I shot during a tour of a scrap metal processing facility in Dearborn MI during April, 2003. The images aren't in any logical order, and I can't really offer any detailed explanations of what some of these things are. Aside from that, they still "cry out" to be modeled!:D






















Steve B

Tell you what Ken,,, those pics have given me an idea especially pic number 9

Thanks for sharing them


Lazy Daydreamer
Steve, glad you liked them! I just found a gazzillion (well, more like 3-4 dozen) other 4"x6" prints of industrial photos I shot during my "pre-digital" days. Mostly of --- you guessed it! -- steel mills. I'll need to scan them and upload them soon...

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