Radio Control DCC


Coal Shoveler
Just a thought on this matter. I've said before that I have the NCE system; a couple years back they introduced a radio control version, which also included the capability to retrofit older controllers to allow them to use this as well.

I bought my system prior to radio control being introduced. While I did consider the retrofits, my layout was only a small 4x8, so it wasn't such a big deal. The retrofit costs were also somewhat high, so I declined to upgrade.

Since then, I have added another module to my 4x8; it's now a 8x12 Island layout (walk-around - it's not the most space efficient layout, but it suits me). Now, the tethered cabs seem to be more limiting, especially the Pro-Cab which is used to program as well as set up consists. As a solo operator, I now have to remember to make sure the cable doesn't snag stuff, or worse, unplug/replug as I wander around the layout. Radio control seems more and more a better option.

I say all of this because future layout expansion should be a consideration when deciding on this feature. While I did know early on that my layout would expand, it didn't expand quite the way I thought it'd go. If it went a different way, a tethered cab would not be as limiting as it does now.


We considered Radio Control on the latest layout we are just now bringing up. But due to the number of throttles, $$$ and less than straight shot viewing for the antenna, we opted to DIN plugs. Much easier to plug in and out without running the risk of Phone jack break offs.

Maybe Someday, now that we have all this equipment. :rolleyes:
I've heard of one guy with an O scale layout, radio throttle and a camera in the engine. He will literally go upstairs, sit in his recliner, tune in the big screen to the camera and run his train from there. Just a little nuts I guess. :D