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I thought I'd throw this one out there since I've read about in a RR magazine somewhere.
How many of you when building a layout include some sort of structure or business like the one you work in?
I am in law enforcement and work in corrections. Since I have a space of 30 feet by 15 feet to work with, I wanted to include a prison on my layout. I was just wondering how many of you include your careers on your layouts.



Drum Driver
Ok...I am guilty!!
You can see my life everywhere on my layouts...I work for the phone company so theres trucks..lines..cables...reels...manholes ect.
I play in a band so theres a band on the layout,
I have a monster show truck and theres one of them on there too...even had a state cop pulling me over for being too high..(lift kit!...don't get any ideas...LOL):D
I also love the i had docks/boats on most of them too.
I mean...who else would know them more...So its a good idea to model something your most familiar with....And someday we can hopefully say...I use to work there...LOL
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I knew there was someone else out there who had to have these things on the layout such as me. It's almost like adding a little "me" to the layout as I would call it.



Scott, it is fairly common to put things/places on our layouts that reflects our lives. It becomes our world with the memories we want to keep. My father was a coal miner...I have a coal mine. I worked in several different industries...I have one of each built or being built. I have a fascination with steel making...I have a steel mill. I love the southeastern landscape reflects this.
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Yeah I thought so. I've been away from the hobby for 20 years and thought it would still be the same. Just wanted to inquire.



Railroad Photographer
I'm retired, so would I place a model of the place where I "work" - our house?

I retired from the Canadian Coast Guard, and have a scratchbuilt model of an old lighthouse on one of my modules. Built it from plans that were over a hundred years old.

I painted an HO scale Roco MBB BO-105 helicopter in CG colors and have it mounted on a flatcar, as if it were being transported somewhere. Used to fly in CG choppers all the time, fun while it lasted!

Steve B

I have a warehouse on the layout, or it will be once it's done. As i work for a Truck building company it's given me some great idea's, especially my department in truck spares export.


Ouch! :eek: I work with computers but model the transition era. :confused: Maybe I can come up with a "Computations and Graphics" shop and a warehouse for the "Dayta" company. :rolleyes: Cool, another structure to start building. :D


I think putting a prison on the layout is different especially since I work in one. I can't remember seeing one on anyone else's layout.
I used to work for a truck dealership a long time ago.



Running the MC & Buffalo
Ditto here , I grew up in an industry minded area which is loaded with old brownstones now . Reminders of our industrious might. I try to model my childhood memories not today's!!
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I started my "working life" in the Marines, and I fully intend to have a military train, or 2, on my layout!


S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Most, if not all, of the Stores and Industries on my layout will reflect relatives and their interests or some play on words. Such as: "Cooley's Blue Ice" (my Mother's Maiden Name), Lyon Imports (Sister, the world traveler), Fox Dinner (Wife's Maiden name - her Father was still driving over to the local dinner for coffee in his 90's), Herr Foundry (cousin), Miller Boat Works (Brother in Law who loves boats), and Hoffman Bakery (Sister-in-Law worked for a Bakery for several years), etc.


That's kewl...My son wants to use names for cities in our layout after cities in his favorite video games....DOH!!!!



I work in I.T. at the University of Massachusetts, but I don't particularly feel motivated enough to build 1/87th scale desktop or laptop computers :) A model of the campus as a whole could be an entire layout itself, since it's larger than some cities I've visited.

However, my modeling interests focus primarily on the two location I've spent most of my life, and will feature the paper industry, which both my father and grandfather worked in for years.

I think most people try to add something of themselves to whatever it is they like to create, thats what makes a layout truly unique.


The Flange Squeal
i work in the airline industry and i live in atlanta. i would have to take out a second mortgage to recreate the busiest airport in the world. i would love to create a small commercial airport and model a couple of DC9s or MD80s. But even a small domestic airport would require a lot more space than i have. My dad was a college professor and I do plan on adding a small college campus in my layout and naming it after him.

the industry supporting my layout will be paper and coal. I will also have a partially elevated trolley service for commuters. this to remind me of my days growing up in NYC near an el.

I will be naming both townships in my layout after fond places from my childhood and young adult memories.
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I work for the DOT and I have roads on my layout. I don’t have any road construction as of yet, however.:D

Speaking of prisons my wife used to work at Graterford and they had a spur line that served the prison. The line has been out of service for 20 or 30 years. The bridge across the Perkiomen Creek is still there. Since they had a coal fired power plant they would get coal drags. The prison also had a farm so they would get and ship farming equipment, grain, livestock, and milk. They also had a factory so they would get raw materials and ship out prison uniforms, shoes, and other items.


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I plan on having a police car on my layout, something along the lines of Willie's Warning offered by Woodland Scenics. Maybe even a police station if I can find one I like.

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