Pullman Heavyweight Question?

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The SPSF has commissioned a new executive fleet program to compliment our existing modern streamlined fleet.

This new fleet will be our heritage executive fleet, complete with Pullman Heavyweights and a steam locomotive (we've already selected the Santa Fe 4-8-4 #3751, which will be restored by Broadway Limited).

We are currently searching out two remanufacturers of Pullman Heavyweights:


and Athearn

CEO Nathan Muir believes the Walthers bid is better and will produce a more accurate final product; however, their price is about twice as much as Athearn. Walthers also tells us they can get a hold of more cars for remanufacturing, hence a longer train. Does anyone have experience with heavyweights and can offer a suggested remanufacturer? Thanks for any help or insight you have!
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Don't tell anybody mine are Bachmann They run really nice, good couplers, metal wheels, lighted.



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I'd say go Walthers on this one! Although I like the Athearns, I was thourghly impressed with the Walthers kits running on the shop layout in my LHS. Very nice...


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Thanks for the help, guys. We have decided to go with 2 of the Walthers cars; if they turn out well, we will order the rest of the fleet with them. So far, I agree with Josh - they look very nice!


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Walthers, by all means...but....

The Walthers cars are the best by far...but plan on spending another $10 for the plug in lights. Also...Don't even think of using less than 24" radius. You can use 22", but You'll have to cut off some frame///I wouldn't do that so I had to upgrade my curves. Make sure you get the Heavyweight light set...the streamline sets won't fit.


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Thanks, RichV, I will make sure to get the light sets as well. I don't have a layout yet, so I don't have to worry about curve radius - I will plan for that in the future!!
No one has mentioned that the Athearn have truck mounted couplers, and no interiors.

The Walthers' are so nice. Open the box. Open the top. Add passengers and go.


Well,call me a tight wad but,I would opt for the Athearn cars add interior,passengers and Diaphragms.:D


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Palace Car Co. has interiors for most of the Athearn cars. They're really pricey, about $20/kit. You get some styrene for bulkheads and walls, a weight, a pile of chairs, and other stuff for bathrooms, bedrooms, etc., depending on the kit.

I have a couple, but haven't done much with them yet. They come with a sheet that has a number of possible floorplans, depending on the 'prototype'.



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Was doing a search for heavyweights and came across this. Those GE SPSF's have to the mose unique throwback paint/modern loco i've seen.

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